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SLP Cars by US State: WI (65 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1993 0001 Firehawk Formula Valid Thomas Boser Waukesha, WI
Alive 2000 0008 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Smith Balsam Lake, WI
Alive 2000 0009 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Junion Janesville, WI
Alive 2000 0012 Firehawk Formula Valid Marc Quaintance Appleton, WI
Alive 1995 0028 Comp T/A Valid Dan Beyer Sheboygan, WI
Alive 1997 0045 Firehawk Formula Valid Steven & Barbara Jepsen Merrillan, WI
Alive 1997 0049 Camaro SS Valid Chad Kallies Milwaukee, WI
Alive 1995 0059 Firehawk Formula Valid James Williams Franklin, WI
Alive 1996 0077 Comp T/A Valid Daniel & Michelle Hansen Two Rivers, WI
Alive 2000 0083 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Randall R. Southards Green Bay, WI
Alive 1995 0085 Firehawk Formula Valid Stephen J. Kohl Poynette, WI
Alive 1994 0086 Firehawk Formula Valid Deborah Teed Houlton, WI
Alive 2002 0102 Camaro SS Valid Jeff Nowak Chippewa Falls, WI
Alive 1999 0113 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Glenn Ehlers Mayville, WI
Alive 2001 0114 Firehawk Formula Valid Bruce Rudolph Janesville, WI
Alive 2002 0125 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brett Karlen Janesville, WI
Alive 1993 0134 Firehawk Formula Valid Les Olson Ettrick, WI
Alive 2002 0198 Firehawk Trans Am Valid R and N T Tomah, WI
Alive 1994 0200 Firehawk Formula Valid Andy Strohmeyer Tomah, WI
Alive 1995 0221 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Myers Lodi, WI
Alive 2001 0234 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian Jones De Pere, WI
Alive 1994 0245 Firehawk Formula Valid Judith Tyni Oconto, WI
Alive 2001 0298 10th:#049 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rudy Blakeman Rice Lake, WI
Alive 1994 0301 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Hansen Trevor, WI
Alive 1994 0322 Firehawk Formula Valid Dennis McLaughlin Eagle River, WI
Totaled 2002 0376 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Bray Wautoma, WI
Alive 2001 0402 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bruce Stephani Black Creek, WI
Alive 1994 0425 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert R. Blattler Manitowoc, WI
Alive 2001 0433 10th:#100 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jon Schellenberg Osseo, WI
Alive 2002 0446 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Storm Ashley Altoona, WI
Alive 2001 0458 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Jensen Ripon, WI
Alive 2002 0532 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ben Botteron Madison, WI
Alive 1999 0552 Firehawk Formula Valid David Miers Oconomowoc, WI
Alive 1995 0616 Firehawk Formula Invalid Judy Schultz Poynette, WI
Alive 1995 0665 Firehawk Formula Valid Tom Edwards Belleville, WI
Alive 1997 0687 Camaro SS Valid Todd Cleasby Eleva, WI
Alive 2002 0739 Firehawk Trans Am Invalid Larry Lee Jefferson, WI
Alive 2002 0796 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron W Schaefer Middleton, WI
Alive 1997 0859 Camaro SS Valid Kelly Parker Milwaukee, WI
Alive 2002 1042 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chad Lange Fond du Lac, WI
Alive 2002 1139 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Henry Schultz Poynette, WI
Alive 2002 1160 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jan & Denise Margelowsky Horicon, WI
Alive 2002 1219 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Kaderavek Richland Center, WI
Alive 2002 1221 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Smith Balsam Lake, WI
Alive 2002 1252 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lynn and Blu Rands Ripon, WI
Alive 1996 1289 Camaro SS Valid Nate Degeneffe Green Bay, WI
Alive 1997 1371 Camaro SS Valid Stephen J. Kohl Poynette, WI
Alive 2000 1384 Camaro SS Valid Michael Hess Madison, WI
Alive 2002 1403 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Mathison Hudson, WI
Alive 2002 1548 Camaro SS Valid Jim Smith Balsam Lake, WI
Alive 1997 1624 Camaro SS Valid Paul Eigenberger Milwaukee, WI
Alive 1996 1675 Camaro SS Valid Ashley Huber Janesville, WI
Alive 1997 1858 Camaro SS Valid James Schoofs West Bend, WI
Alive 1999 2030 Camaro SS Valid Dr Scott Sanderson Madison, WI
Alive 2002 2155 Camaro SS Valid James Davenport Endeavor, WI
Alive 1997 2632 Camaro SS Valid Leslie Olson Ettrick, WI
Alive 2001 2746 Camaro SS Valid Kevin L Stanton Bloomer, WI
Alive 2002 3444 Camaro SS Valid Bobbi Reedy Manitowoc, WI
Alive 2000 3493 Camaro SS Valid Michael Marta Neenah, WI
Alive 2000 4033 Camaro SS Valid Brian Wilhelm Wausau, WI
Alive 2002 4057 Camaro SS Valid Horton Bane Kenosha, WI
Alive 2000 4929 Camaro SS Valid Matthew Manyk Monroe, WI
Alive 2000 6959 Camaro SS Valid Scott Dallmann New Glarus, WI
Alive 2000 7676 Camaro SS Valid Steve Reynolds Whitelaw, WI
Alive 2000 8288 Camaro SS Valid Brian Letarte Twin Lakes, WI

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