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Firehawk Options
Code Start End Description
550 HP 2009 2009 Supercharged LS3 V8
62U 2009 2009  
Aluminum 383 1992 1992  
Auburn, High Torque, Performance Differential w/AAM cast aluminum cooling cover     Combination of leading edge Auburn Gear and American Axle Manufacturing technology enhances traction and helps reduce differential operating temperatures under certain driving conditions. System detects variance in the gripping force of each rear tire and redistributes the engine load as road conditions change, thereby enhancing vehicle performance and stability.
Castrol "Syntec" High Performance Lubricants Package     Castrol "Syntec" full synthetic engine oil provides superior protection and performance. Castrol "Syntec protects in ways other cars can't." The Castrol "Syntec" lubricants package includes Castrol's 500,000-mile "Maximum Protection" limited engine warranty program.
Chrome Wheels 1996 2002 17"x 9" Chrome-Plated, Five-Spoke Aluminum Wheels. SLP orignal offered chrome Speedline wheels as a option 1995, but never delivered any. SLP moved to American Racing Equipment rims in 1996 and started delivering the chrome option.
Competition Brake Package 2009 2009 14" Front and rear brake rotors, red painted 6 piston calipers with engraved Firehawk script
Competition Package 1991 1992  
Custom Rear Deck Mat with embroidered Firehawk Logo 2001 2002 This all-new Custom Rear Deck Mat enhances the appearance of the plain shelf area behind the rear seat in your Firehawk. The aggressive nubs hold the mat firmly in place. Our All-New optional Firehawk deck mat is designed to cover the shelf area behind the rear seat in your Firehawk coupe. It'll also look great at car shows, or for display outside the car, or in your garage. It measures 37 1/4 inches long by 16 inches wide and is made with a thick pile carpeting that matches your cars interior color.
Deck-lid Spoiler 2000 2002 Deck-lid spoiler, painted body color with high mounted stop lamp (only available on Trans Am V87X model) Aggressive all-new aerodynamic Firehawk design to complement the aggressive all-new forced air induction hood. Includes an all-new integrated neon stop lamp.
Dual Recaro seats 1991 1992 Both drivers and passenger seats were changed out for the upgraded recaro seats.
Dual Simpson 5 Point Racing Harness 1991 1992 Both drivers and passengers seats had simpson 5 point racing harness installed.
Firehawk Car Cover 1995 2002 Premium grade, breathable, water resistant fabric that provides the ultimate in collectible car protection. Includes cable, lock, and tote bag with silk screened Firehawk graphics.
Firehawk Commemorative Portfolio 2001 2001 This Commemorative Portfolio is designed to hold your GM owners manual and the supplemental SLP owner's manual. Includes an SLP engraved pen, notepad, tire tread depth gauge, a customized "Certificate of Authenticity" and "Vehicle Specifications Card". (The customized package will be shipped by SLP to the customer after the customer completes and returns an information form included in the vehicle's supplemental SLP owner's manual.) This all-new keepsake portfolio is designed to store your Pontiac owner's manual along with SLP's supplemental Firehawk manual. The portfolio includes a pen and notepad along with a key chain holder which doubles as a tire tread gauge. An enclosed Vehicle Specifications Card provides you with quick reference on your vehicles specifications, service information, as well as important Pontiac, SLP, and dealer contact information. To further document your vehicle, we'll send you a Certificate of Birth for your Firehawk that identifies you as the adopting parent. The Certificate also includes the official date of birth, your vehicles footprint, and other vehicle delivery specifics.
Firehawk Floor Mats 1995 2002 Heavy duty, custom-fitted carpeting with aggressive nubs to hold mats firmly in place. Premium quality, heavy duty, custom fitted front floor mats are embroidered with a black and red Firehawk logo.
Firehawk Trans Am 10th Anniversary Package 2001 2001 Exterior 10th Anniversary graphics, gold body stripes, gold painted wheels, cast aluminium exhaust tips,10th Anniversary logo; floor mats, deck compartment mat and car cover.
LT4 1997 1997 330HP balanced and blueprinted LT4 Free flow exhaust system with rsonators and twin tips Stainless steel exhaust manifolds (extrude honed) Lightweight Flywheel High performance pressure plate Lightweight driveshaft
M10 2009 2009 TRANSMISSION MAN 6 SPD, TREMEC, 85MM, 3.01 1ST, 0.84 5TH,0.57 6TH, O/D 6-SPD MAN TRANS(M10)
Oil Cooler Package      
Performance Exhaust 1994 1997 SLP Performace, also know as two on the left (TOTL).
Polished & Clear Coated Rims 1997 1997 17"x9" polished and clear coated, aluminum wheels (16"x8" wheels on convertibles)
Quaker state synquest synthetic lubricants      
SLP 1LE Suspension Package 2001 2002 This performance suspension system, now being offered exclusively by SLP, includes double adjustable Koni Shocks. (n/a on convertible or with Bilstein Suspension Package) 1LE suspension is back, and now offered exclusively by SLP. It includes Koni double adjustable front and rear shocks allowing you to "tune" your suspension to your specific handling needs. Front upper and lower control arms are tightened up with stiffer rubber bushings. Hollow 35mm front swaybar significantly reduces body roll. Includes revised endlinks, reinforced body mount brackets and firmer bushings. Rear lower control arms with firmer bushings reduce wheel hop under heavy acceleration. Larger 21mm rear swaybar and bushings decrease body roll. Package also includes Koni shock adjustment tool.
SLP High Flow Induction System 2002 2002 Interim 2002 Introduction: SLP's High Flow Induction System adds 10 horsepower for 345 total hp and 350 ft./lbs. of torque On approximately 09/01/01, Firehawk's RPO WU6 price will increase to $ 4,299.00, reflecting the addition of SLP's new High Flow Induction System on all Firehawk models. The system will boost powertrain performance to 345 horsepower versus the 335 hp standard on all Firehawks built prior to 09/01/01. For customers who receive their 2002 Firehawk prior to the 09/01/01 introduction of the new components and are interested in the System, send your Name, Address and your Firehawk GM order number, as well as your Email address to We will contact you regarding the availability and pricing for ordering the new Induction System.
SLP Hurst Shifter 1995 1997 1995 through 1997 SLP installed a optional short throw hurst shifter with a leather wrapped gear shift knob with a embedded H in the top.
SLP Supercharged G8 GT Package 2009 2009 500 Hp, 489 Ft-Lb Torque Supercharged Engine Performance Exhaust Cold Air Induction Custom Tuned Computer Control Module Performance Suspension Blackout Hood Graphics Black Rear Trunk Lid Spoiler 19 x 8" Five Spoke Alloy Wheels Embroidered Headrests Embroidered Front Floormats
Sport Suspension Package Level 2 (Bilstein) 1994 2002 Bilstein Shock Absorbers (all years) Progressive Rate Springs 1LE track bar, 1LE Transmission Mount (1994-1995)
Sport Suspension Package Level 3      
Torsen torque sensing differential      
VY7 1990 1991 Knob, Transmission Control, Leather (Black)
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