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SLP Cars by US State: NY (123 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1993 0004 Firehawk Formula Valid Matt Tarantino Newburgh, NY
Alive 1995 0008 Firehawk Formula Valid Andrew E. DiBlasi Kings Park, NY
Alive 1992 0009 Firehawk Formula Valid Jody DeSomma Nesconset, NY
Alive 2001 0016 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Stephen Fish Malone, NY
Alive 1992 0016 Firehawk Formula Valid Aaloak Jaswal New York City, NY
Alive 1997 0026 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Bub Waterford, NY
Alive 2001 C026 Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Scott Thomas Watertown, NY
Alive 2001 0027 Firehawk Formula Valid Thomas Maher Jr Miller Place, NY
Alive 2012 0027 Camaro SS Valid Janet Appleby East Aurora, NY
Alive 1997 0032 Firehawk Formula Valid Brent D. Pemberton Albany, NY
Alive 2000 0036 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dylan Amalfitano Staten Island, NY
Alive 2012 0037 Camaro SS Valid Dave & Sue Ciappa Lockport, NY
Alive 1999 0043 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Sam Kuka Beacon, NY
Alive 1993 0052 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Namorato Holbrook, NY
Alive 2000 0061 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Patrick Mylod Poughkeepsie, NY
Alive 1995 0068 Firehawk Formula Valid Alan Humes Syracuse, NY
Alive 2002 0077 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Vicki Paye Saranac Lake, NY
Alive 2002 0078 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Josh Zavaglia Liverpool, NY
Alive 1994 0078 Firehawk Formula Valid Jason Woodward West Point, NY
Alive 2001 0110 Camaro SS Valid Anthony Tsirikonis Ronkonkoma, NY
Alive 1993 0111 Firehawk Formula Valid Chad Lamphere Chittenango, NY
Alive 2001 0119 Firehawk Formula Valid James Johnston Hudson Falls, NY
Alive 1995 0139 Firehawk Formula Valid William Cirolia Ridge, NY
Alive 1994 0146 Firehawk Formula Valid Carlos Soares White Plains, NY
Alive 2001 0147 Firehawk Trans Am Valid George Rizk Troy, NY
Alive 1997 0148 Comp T/A Valid Don Amen II Massapequa Park, NY
Alive 1993 0150 Firehawk Formula Valid Frank Caprara Pulaski, NY
Alive 1997 0156 Camaro SS Valid Ricky Edwards Yonkers, NY
Alive 1994 0157 Firehawk Formula Valid Rob Kozik Nesconset, NY
Alive 1995 0168 Firehawk Formula Valid Devin Piquet Brewerton, NY
Alive 1993 0191 Firehawk Formula Valid Patrick Dell'orto East Islip, NY
Alive 2000 0196 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Johnny Emborski Randolph, NY
Alive 2001 0199 10th:#011 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Alan Howard Westbury, NY
Alive 1994 0205 Firehawk Formula Valid Martin Bachner East Nassau, NY
Alive 2010 0207 ZL575 Camaro SS Valid Kyle Krause Long Island, NY
Alive 1995 0218 Firehawk Formula Valid Laurence Michaels Jamesville, NY
Alive 1999 0228 Firehawk Formula Valid David Ernst East Greenbush, NY
Alive 2002 0248 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Baroody Rochester, NY
Alive 2002 0249 Camaro SS Valid Brad McAdam Churchville, NY
Alive 2000 0250 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Faruolo Staten Island, NY
Alive 2000 0252 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Eric Kennett Fishkill, NY
Alive 2000 0259 Camaro SS Valid Chris clukey Homer, NY
Alive 1996 0275 Camaro SS Valid Timothy Caiazzo Cobleskill, NY
Alive 2002 0281 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steven DeVeglio Deer Park, NY
Alive 2001 0293 Firehawk Formula Valid Nick Brehm Whaley Lake, NY
Alive 2000 0295 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Livote Chester, NY
Alive 1999 0298 Camaro SS Valid James Halleran Islip Terrace, NY
Alive 2002 0302 Firehawk Trans Am Valid NIck Pippis Bayside, NY
Alive 2001 0311 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Farrell Rochester, NY
Alive 2002 0315 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darlene Wittmeyer Orchard Park, NY
Alive 2000 0319 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Ladd Utica, NY
Alive 2001 0354 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian Julian Shoreham, NY
Alive 1999 0358 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom DeBole Ronkonkoma, NY
Alive 1995 0368 Firehawk Formula Valid Bill Bernheim Homer, NY
Totaled 2001 0379 Firehawk Formula Valid Tim Hanss Ontario, NY
Alive 2001 0394 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Baiata Farmingville, NY
Alive 2001 0400 10th:#084 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Hackenberg Brooklyn, NY
Alive 2002 0408 Camaro SS Valid Dennis Illig North Tonawanda, NY
Alive 2001 0411 10th:#088 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Sue Ogden So Glens Falls, NY
Alive 1995 0414 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Feher Syracuse, NY
Alive 2001 0425 10th:#095 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Patrick Morrell Farmingville, NY
Alive 1999 0426 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Rebentisch Long Beach, NY
Alive 1999 0438 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David J Wendt Lockport, NY
Alive 1994 0486 Firehawk Formula Valid Norton Vintage Holbrook, NY
Alive 1994 0497 Firehawk Formula Valid Jacques Lawrence Oyster Bay Cove, NY
Alive 1996 0533 Camaro SS Valid Don Smith Tillson, NY
Alive 2002 0547 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott A Solveson Buffalo, NY
Alive 2002 0573 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Charles E. Schriefer Jr. Hicksville, NY
Alive 2002 0581 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Flood Port Crane, NY
Alive 2000 0588 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin M. Allen Binghamton, NY
Alive 1996 0599 Camaro SS Valid Albert BROCCOLO Pittsford, NY
Alive 2002 0610 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Eric Flinn Waterloo, NY
Alive 2000 0663 Camaro SS Valid Devante Wright Endwell, NY
Alive 2002 0669 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Edwards Ronkonkoma, NY
Alive 2000 0673 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Plafker Plainview, NY
Alive 2000 0676 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Evan Engel Clifton Park, NY
Alive 2002 0689 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Gershon New York City, NY
Alive 2002 0695 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Eric Babie Glenville, NY
Alive 2002 0727 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Alan Odze New City, NY
Alive 2002 0825 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard L. Hankin Buffalo, NY
Alive 2002 0850 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nick Gasparro Lake Grove, NY
Alive 2002 0853 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chuck Marchetta Buffalo, NY
Alive 1997 0907 Camaro SS Valid Steve Palmeri Grand Island, NY
Alive 1997 0947 Camaro SS Valid Garo Kachadourian Binghamton, NY
Alive 2002 1008 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim DiPasquale Rochester, NY
Alive 2002 1057 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Baroody Rochester, NY
Alive 2001 1064 Camaro SS Valid Robert Priestap Geilenkirchen, NY
Alive 2002 1066 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steve Varga Seaford, NY
Alive 2002 1071 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tory C. Rounds Angelica, NY
Alive 1996 1106 Camaro SS Valid Matthew Lamb Hornell, NY
Alive 2002 1122 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Kennard Ronkonkoma, NY
Alive 2000 1129 Camaro SS Valid Rick Walters Atlantic Beach, NY
Alive 2002 1132 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher Levin Hopewell Junction, NY
Alive 2002 1151 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Hinman Rome, NY
Alive 2002 1343 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Eaton Medina, NY
Alive 1996 1535 WS6 Trans Am Valid John Sisilli Monroe, NY
Alive 2002 1646 Camaro SS Valid Bill Altenburg Syracuse, NY
Alive 1997 1688 Camaro SS Valid Mario DAlessandro Westbury, NY
Alive 1996 1908 Camaro SS Valid Brad Canzoneri Amherst, NY
Alive 1997 1971 Camaro SS Valid Mike Scheulen New York, NY
Alive 2002 1988 Camaro SS Valid Jeff Hotaling Baldwinsville, NY
Alive 1996 2070 Camaro SS Valid Wade Marker Buffalo, NY
Alive 1996 2202 WS6 Formula Valid Scott Hilyard Massena, NY
Alive 2002 2285 Camaro SS Valid Mark Lawler Ballston Lake, NY
Alive 1997 2485 Camaro SS Valid Al Fiorello Brewster, NY
Alive 1997 2559 Camaro SS Valid Dominick Bates, NY
Alive 1997 2637 Camaro SS Valid Sean Silvernail Rotterdam, NY
Alive 2002 2791 Camaro SS Valid Lou Albano Bohemia, NY
Alive 1999 3182 Camaro SS Valid Craig Van Dyk North Greenbush, NY
Alive 2002 3251 Camaro SS Valid Lester Blackshear Jamaica, Queens, NY
Alive 2001 4324 Camaro SS Valid Ted coletti Staten Island, NY
Alive 1999 4329 Camaro SS Valid Brien & Jennifer Fredendall Auburn, NY
Alive 1999 4383 Camaro SS Valid Daniel P. Maher Bayside, NY
Alive 2002 4890 Camaro SS Valid Dan Sroda Hamburg, NY
Alive 2000 5394 Camaro SS Valid Bob Dawson Port Jefferson, NY
Alive 2002 6415 Camaro SS Valid Bob Dawson Port Jefferson, NY
Alive 2000 7253 Camaro SS Valid Anthony PROULX East Greenbush, NY
Alive 2002 7571 Camaro SS Valid Mark Darpino Apalachin, NY
Alive 2002 7649 Camaro SS Valid Wade Marker Buffalo, NY
Alive 2000 7812 Camaro SS Valid Thomas Ryan Macedon, NY
Alive 2002 8125 Camaro SS Valid David Toron Oceanside, NY
Alive 2002 Unknown Camaro SS Valid Matt Wasserman East Meadow, NY
Alive 2011 Unknown Camaro SS Valid Robert LaCross Clifton Park, NY

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