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WS6 Trans Am Mapleleaf *
Firebird GT

* SLP Cars sold in Canada

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1LE Suspension

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SLP Cars by US State: MA (45 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 2013 0017 Panther Camaro SS Valid Ken Leone Methuen, MA
Alive 1996 0038 WS6 Formula Valid Kevin Braz Rehoboth, MA
Alive 1993 0056 Firehawk Formula Valid Ross Fournier Dudley, MA
Alive 1995 0063 Firehawk Formula Valid Harley Hopkins Brockton, MA
Alive 2000 0064 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steven Richter Agawam, MA
Alive 2011 0074 Camaro SS Valid Paul Sousa Swansea, MA
Alive 1997 0082 Camaro SS Valid Ken Lavallee North Brookfield, MA
Alive 2001 0086 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Lydon Norwood, MA
Alive 1993 0101 Firehawk Formula Valid Khris Kleber Arlington, MA
Alive 2001 0108 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Pasquale Mottola Revere, MA
Alive 2010 0129 ZL575 Camaro SS Valid Stephen Oldford Medway, MA
Alive 2002 0154 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ernest Smith Huntington, MA
Alive 1993 0164 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris Downey Holland, MA
Alive 1995 0196 Firehawk Formula Valid Steven Cormier Fitchburg, MA
Alive 1995 0198 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Ross Brimfield, MA
Alive 2001 0202 10th:#012 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Hesdorff Concord, MA
Alive 2001 0237 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matt Serpa Boston, MA
Alive 1999 0255 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David R. St.Pierre North Dartmouth, MA
Alive 1999 0292 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Intrieri Northborough, MA
Alive 2001 0345 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Don Kinder Raynham, MA
Alive 2000 0370 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kathleen Allendorf Norwood, MA
Alive 2002 0382 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Rennell South Dennis, MA
Alive 2000 0412 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Nikitas Fitchburg, MA
Alive 1996 0436 WS6 Formula Valid Dennis Bulat Natick, MA
Alive 2002 0474 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Eugene T. Torsay New Marlborough, MA
Alive 2002 0510 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Frank Owsiak Holyoke, MA
Alive 1999 0570 Firehawk Trans Am Invalid Naveed Jamali Boston, MA
Alive 2000 0613 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Keith Rivard New Bedford, MA
Alive 1996 1007 WS6 Trans Am Valid Jason Clancy Wareham, MA
Alive 1997 Unknown WS6 Formula Valid Dennis Bulat Natick, MA
Alive 1997 1014 Camaro SS Valid Brett Bennett Wilbraham, MA
Alive 2002 1070 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bryan Krynicki Pittsfield, MA
Alive 2002 1147 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chapin Strickland South Deerfield, MA
Alive 2001 1324 Camaro SS Valid Brandon Blair Agawam, MA
Alive 1997 2263 Camaro SS Valid Kevin Malloy Chicopee, MA
Alive 2001 3297 Camaro SS Valid Joshua Menard Southbridge, MA
Alive 2002 4080 Camaro SS Valid Michael Healy Weymouth, MA
Alive 1999 4164 Camaro SS Valid Rick White Plainville, MA
Alive 2001 5524 Camaro SS Valid Steve Bastos Townsend, MA
Alive 2002 5988 Camaro SS Valid Joe Lanucha Hampden, MA
Alive 2000 6132 Camaro SS Valid Shawn Mellett Gardner, MA
Alive 2002 7185 Camaro SS Valid Jack Lee Walpole, MA
Alive 2002 7695 Camaro SS Valid Edward Berry West Wareham, MA
Alive 2000 7954 Camaro SS Valid Jason Carpentier Blackstone, MA
Alive 2002 9304 Camaro SS Valid John Sampson Tyngsboro, MA

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