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SLP Cars by US State: IN (97 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1995 0008 Comp T/A Valid Chris Phillips Schererville, IN
Alive 1995 0014 Firehawk Formula Valid Craig Bixby Indianapolis, IN
Alive 1994 0019 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian C. Neimann Jeffersonville, IN
Alive 2010 0024 Camaro SS Valid John Storm Indianapolis, IN
Alive 1996 0035 Firehawk Formula Valid Bradley Pennington Lebanon, IN
Alive 1996 0036 Firehawk Formula Valid Mark & Bonnie Hutsell Monticello, IN
Alive 2011 0043 Camaro SS Valid David Pearman Knox, IN
Alive 1997 0046 Camaro SS Valid Durgan Spinsky Osceola, IN
Alive 1995 0048 Comp T/A Valid Brian C. Neimann Jeffersonville, IN
Alive 2002 0067 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Billy Austin Hebron, IN
Alive 2002 0073 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Gaydos Merrillville, IN
Alive 2001 0091 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Adam Jordan Auburn, IN
Alive 2001 0101 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Purcell Bedford, IN
Alive 1995 0109 Firehawk Formula Valid Tom Fischer Angola, IN
Alive 1997 0118 Firehawk Formula Valid Timothy Emory Connersville, IN
Alive 2010 0125 Camaro SS Valid Jim Lake Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2001 0126 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Drew Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2001 0127 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian C. Neimann Jeffersonville, IN
Alive 1997 0134 Comp T/A Valid Steven W. Hamilton Oaklandon, IN
Alive 1998 0136 Camaro SS Valid Custom Car Care Decatur, IN
Alive 2001 0140 Camaro SS Valid Ronald Whitaker Indianapolis, IN
Alive 1994 0147 Firehawk Formula Valid Abby Workman Kokomo, IN
Alive 2002 0188 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert H. Brown Jr. Evansville, IN
Alive 1995 0195 Firehawk Formula Valid Angie Herr Mooresville, IN
Alive 1995 0205 Firehawk Formula Valid Roger Baugh Indianapolis, IN
Alive 2002 0210 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Barry Clouser Greentown, IN
Alive 1999 0215 Camaro SS Valid Alyce & Brian Halper Indianapolis, IN
Alive 2001 0230 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Justin Ohler Decatur, IN
Alive 1995 0231 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian C. Neimann Jeffersonville, IN
Alive 1995 0259 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian J. France Indianapolis, IN
Alive 2000 0284 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christian Pankow Plainfield, IN
Alive 1999 0291 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chad Romack Warsaw, IN
Alive 1995 0328 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Hwang Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 1999 0332 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bob Record Kokomo, IN
Alive 1994 0337 Firehawk Formula Valid John Cornett Gosport, IN
Alive 1999 0338 Firehawk Formula Valid J. Leonard Noblesville, IN
Alive 1997 0341 Camaro SS Valid Mark Scott Greencastle, IN
Alive 2002 0344 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris & Melissa Shelton Madison, IN
Alive 1999 0350 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Elizabeth Harris McCordsville, IN
Alive 2000 0359 Firehawk Formula Valid Shawn Utterback Clayton, IN
Alive 1995 0361 Firehawk Formula Valid Chad Romack Warsaw, IN
Alive 1997 0400 AE:#057 Camaro SS Valid Ross Reynolds Anderson, IN
Alive 1994 0401 Firehawk Formula Valid Justin Breedlove Farmland, IN
Alive 1995 0403 Firehawk Formula Valid Shannon M. Winter Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2002 0415 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Seth Scott Delphi, IN
Alive 2001 0452 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Lilly LaPorte, IN
Alive 2002 0484 Firehawk Formula Valid Mark Ruggles Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2001 0488 10th #118 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Myers Decatur, IN
Alive 2000 0491 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Neumayr Lafayette, IN
Alive 2000 0502 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Andy Pletcher Plymouth, IN
Alive 2002 0555 Firehawk Formula Valid Larry Simmons Danville, IN
Alive 2000 0569 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Farber Decatur, IN
Alive 2002 0584 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ralph Gates Warren, IN
Alive 1999 0615 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lance Buecher Wadesville, IN
Alive 2000 0616 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Fred Waltenburg Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2002 0645 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Franky Rivas Hammond, IN
Alive 1999 0692 Camaro SS Valid Kevin Morgan Mishawaka, IN
Alive 1998 0710 Camaro SS Valid Chester Saylor New Haven, IN
Alive 2002 0722 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John M. Pierre Evansville, IN
Alive 1997 0751 Camaro SS Valid Randall Banks Indianapolis, IN
Alive 2002 0757 Firehawk Formula Valid Doug Polk Indianapolis, IN
Alive 2002 0829 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dave Marcotte Lafayette, IN
Alive 1997 0915 Camaro SS Valid James Daily Valparaiso, IN
Alive 1996 0947 WS6 Formula Valid Ron Anderson Albany, IN
Alive 2002 1054 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bryce Richardt Princeton, IN
Alive 1998 1096 Camaro SS Valid Johnathan Richardson Schererville, IN
Alive 1999 1168 Camaro SS Valid Justin Weil Decatur, IN
Alive 1998 1175 Camaro SS Valid Chris Smalley Indianapolis, IN
Alive 1996 1235 WS6 Trans Am Valid Ron Anderson Albany, IN
Alive 2002 1237 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chad Romack Warsaw, IN
Alive 1999 1312 Camaro SS Valid Brent Sinclair Boonville, IN
Alive 1996 1432 Camaro SS Valid Steven Williams Charlestown, IN
Alive 1996 1557 Camaro SS Valid Paul Rouhselang Mishawaka, IN
Alive 2000 1738 Camaro SS Valid Tony Simmons Avon, IN
Alive 1999 1817 Camaro SS Valid Joseph Lane Danville, IN
Alive 2001 1943 Camaro SS Valid Aaron Rodgers Osceola, IN
Alive 1998 1965 Camaro SS Valid Timothy Mayo Mooresville, IN
Alive 1997 2080 Camaro SS Valid Grant Baumgartner Roanoke, IN
Alive 2001 2114 Camaro SS Valid Lee Schulz Zionsville, IN
Alive 1997 2116 Camaro SS Valid Bob K Crown Point, IN
Alive 2001 2128 Camaro SS Valid George Grimes Clayton, IN
Alive 1997 2223 Camaro SS Valid Dale Borders Sullivan, IN
Alive 2002 2273 Camaro SS Valid David Jendras Dyer, IN
Alive 1996 2314 Camaro SS Valid Jeremy Howard Lawrenceburg, IN
Alive 2002 3045 Camaro SS Valid Cecil Barrett Noblesville, IN
Alive 1999 4054 Camaro SS Valid Justin Dick Valparaiso, IN
Alive 2002 4226 Camaro SS Valid Randy Riley Fishers, IN
Alive 1999 4235 Camaro SS Valid Sean Kocks Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2000 4428 Camaro SS Valid Karla & Scott Gillam Lafayette, IN
Alive 2001 4686 Camaro SS Valid Amos Williams III Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2001 4869 Camaro SS Valid Brian Griggs Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2000 5847 Camaro SS Valid Harold brown Bedford, IN
Alive 2002 5975 Camaro SS Valid Len Smith Wabash, IN
Alive 2002 7606 Camaro SS Valid Gregory Gootee Greenfield, IN
Alive 2002 9690 Camaro SS Valid Kevin P Holzmeyer Evansville, IN
Alive 2002 9881 Camaro SS Valid Jim walls Shoals, IN
Alive 2002 9919 Camaro SS Valid Rick Love Greensburg, IN

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