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SLP Cars by US State: IL (147 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1995 0000 Comp T/A Valid Dean Fait Moline, IL
Alive 1991 0002 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Wing Carol Stream, IL
Alive 2010 0002 ZL575 Camaro SS Valid Mike Gray Frankfort, IL
Alive 1995 0003 Firehawk Formula Valid Ernie Grimm Roscoe, IL
Alive 2001 C008 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Charles E. C. O'Morchoe Gurnee, IL
Alive 1999 C012 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Mike Kwiatkowski Cicero, IL
Alive 2002 0013 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Josh Sorenson Gurnee, IL
Alive 1995 0015 Comp T/A Valid Dan Burns Chicago, IL
Alive 1997 0016 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Robinson Libertyville, IL
Alive 1996 0016 Firehawk Formula Valid Larry Pithan Andalusia, IL
Alive 2002 0017 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron & Chong Schriner Dekalb, IL
Alive 2009 0018 Firehawk Supercharged G8 GT Valid Bill & Carla Knotek Lockport, IL
Alive 2001 0024 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Vince Cruz Crystal Lake, IL
Alive 1997 0024 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Larry Powers Brighton, IL
Alive 2000 0025 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dan Hoekstra Itasca, IL
Alive 1995 0026 Comp T/A Valid Tim Smith Andover, IL
Alive 2009 0026 SE:#006 Firehawk Supercharged G8 GXP Valid Tony Round Lake, IL
Alive 1995 0028 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeffrey Clausen Oswego, IL
Alive 1995 0031 Comp T/A Valid Bob Tomaso Bartlett, IL
Alive 1997 0038 Firehawk Formula Valid Lisa Feather Wayne City, IL
Alive 2001 0045 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Alex Tourlakes Mokena, IL
Alive 1995 0053 Firehawk Formula Valid Michelle Motarjeme Chicago, IL
Alive 2001 0061 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Wayne Moras Chatham, IL
Alive 1994 0064 Firehawk Formula Valid Frank Kreutzer Elmhurst, IL
Alive 1999 0070 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Goebel Skokie, IL
Alive 2000 0071 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Echols Campton Hills, IL
Alive 1993 0084 Firehawk Formula Valid Jason & Kelli Shepherd Westville, IL
Alive 1993 0085 Firehawk Formula Valid Dan Alaimo Wauconda, IL
Alive 1994 0095 Firehawk Formula Valid Clay Henry Galesburg, IL
Alive 1995 0104 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris Henry Galesburg, IL
Alive 2002 0104 Firehawk Formula Valid Bob Deffenbaugh Rock Island, IL
Alive 2002 0128 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Bolognini Bartlett, IL
Alive 2010 0153 ZL575 Camaro SS Valid John Belleville, IL
Alive 1993 0161 Firehawk Formula Valid Randy Phelps Bloomington, IL
Alive 1996 0162 Camaro SS Valid Brian Koeller Addison, IL
Alive 2002 0171 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Justin Carr Bloomington, IL
Alive 1995 0175 Firehawk Formula Valid Rodney L. Wellenkamp Jacksonville, IL
Alive 2001 0175 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Isaias Remijio Posen, IL
Alive 1998 0182 Camaro SS Valid Caleb Tovrea Pekin, IL
Alive 1994 0191 Firehawk Formula Valid Cory Kelley East Moline, IL
Alive 1999 0198 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Stephanie Martin Machesney Park, IL
Alive 2002 0199 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steve Dunlap Machesney Park, IL
Alive 1997 0201 Comp T/A Valid Joe Lopez Chicago, IL
Alive 1995 0202 Firehawk Formula Valid Dave Bernecker Orland Park, IL
Alive 1999 0210 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Doug Kooy Unknown, IL
Alive 1994 0212 Firehawk Formula Valid Lawrence J Kulega Jr Warrenville, IL
Totaled 1995 0217 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Formoso Carol Stream, IL
Alive 1994 0217 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim Eyrich Grove, IL
Alive 2002 0220 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Keith Kunz New Baden, IL
Alive 2002 0223 Camaro SS Valid Michael Arkus Bloomingdale, IL
Alive 2002 0229 Camaro RS Valid Joel Nelson Geneseo, IL
Alive 1999 0238 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony Stanfill Coulterville, IL
Alive 2000 0239 Firehawk Formula Valid Scott Honey Downers Grove, IL
Alive 2001 0241 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bill Daffron Manteno, IL
Fake 1994 Fake Car Firehawk Formula Valid Todd Haislet Romeoville, IL
Alive 2001 0248 10th:#031 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dragan Mitic Lemont, IL
Alive 1994 0257 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Clark Sr Granite City, IL
Alive 1994 0268 Firehawk Formula Valid John Drabeck Orland Park, IL
Alive 1994 0285 Firehawk Formula Valid Jason Bradley Decatur, IL
Alive 1996 0289 Camaro SS Valid Scott Haynes Ellsworth, IL
Alive 2002 0297 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darrin Aiken Grayslake, IL
Alive 2000 0344 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph Foutch Columbia, IL
Alive 1994 0344 Firehawk Formula Valid Gary Sellers Boubonnais, IL
Alive 1994 0345 Firehawk Formula Valid Seshan Natarajan Inverness, IL
Alive 2002 0351 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Derrick Schwind Harwood Heights, IL
Alive 1995 0352 Firehawk Formula Valid Stan Grossman Evanston, IL
Alive 1999 0355 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Buck Yorkville, IL
Alive 1995 0364 Firehawk Formula Valid Steven Krager Raymond, IL
Alive 1999 0373 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Grace Granite City, IL
Alive 2000 0374 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Z. Stauber Plainfield, IL
Totaled 2002 0391 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kyle Strait Lebanon, IL
Alive 2001 0398 10th:#083 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darren Marek Mundelein, IL
Alive 2002 0400 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Pawelek Orland Park, IL
Alive 1994 0403 Firehawk Formula Valid Ian Nemeth Danforth, IL
Alive 1994 0428 Firehawk Formula Valid Laurel von Helms Midlothian, IL
Alive 1999 0428 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jamie Morgan Rockford, IL
Totaled 1999 0432 Firehawk Formula Valid Josh Krezel Carol Stream, IL
Alive 1997 0463 Camaro SS Valid Stephen villarreal Milan, IL
Alive 2000 0463 Camaro SS Valid Joellyn Koscik Homer Glen, IL
Alive 2000 0478 Firehawk Formula Valid Dawn Edwards Auburn, IL
Alive 2000 0495 Camaro SS Valid Sean Rehberg Loves Park, IL
Alive 1995 0509 Firehawk Formula Valid Bill Craft Edwardsville, IL
Alive 1999 0518 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe , IL
Alive 2000 0529 Camaro SS Valid Colton Penning Pekin, IL
Alive 2000 0534 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony A. Fitpold Sr. Elgin, IL
Alive 2002 0607 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Dobson Fox lake, IL
Alive 2000 0614 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nicole Hodur Romeoville, IL
Alive 1998 0616 Camaro SS Valid Tony Pierce Wonder Lake, IL
Alive 1999 0620 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John & Shirley Smith Orion, IL
Alive 2001 0652 Camaro SS Valid Kris Carson Decatur, IL
Alive 2002 0658 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jorge Russe Lake Barrington, IL
Alive 1996 0672 Camaro SS Valid Matt Hilling Troy, IL
Alive 2000 0674 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gary L. Wright Palos Hills, IL
Alive 2002 0686 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Andrew Murkowski Chicago, IL
Alive 2000 0760 Camaro SS Valid Jon Payne Hanover Park, IL
Alive 2002 0844 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Glenn Carlsom South Beloit, IL
Alive 2002 0857 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jay & Kim Knapp Robinson, IL
Alive 2002 0867 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tony Ratajczyk Glendale Heights, IL
Alive 1996 0894 Camaro SS Valid Henry Rhodes Manhattan, IL
Alive 2002 0960 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lacey Leitner Lisle, IL
Alive 2002 0975 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Laurel von Helms Midlothian, IL
Alive 1996 1007 Camaro SS Valid Matt Mall Cherry Valley, IL
Alive 2002 1031 Camaro SS Valid Dave Wangall Chicago, IL
Alive 2002 1079 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Gomez Naperville, IL
Alive 1999 1081 Camaro SS Valid Ron Kirchner Chicago, IL
Alive 1997 1092 Camaro SS Valid Paul Aldarondo Shorewood, IL
Alive 2002 1141 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dennis Alf St. Charles, IL
Alive 2002 1235 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jason Ewing Niles, IL
Alive 2002 1273 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom & Kathy Dennis Naperville, IL
Alive 2000 1436 Camaro SS Valid Timothy Conrad Lake Zurich, IL
Salvage 1996 1441 Camaro SS Valid Chanc Persons Gibson City, IL
Alive 2002 1503 Firehawk Formula Valid Leonardo Luciano Grayslake, IL
Alive 2002 1516 Camaro SS Valid Everett Hicks Wood River, IL
Alive 2000 1639 Camaro SS Valid Steve Ritt Chicago, IL
Alive 1996 1695 Camaro SS Valid Kevin Stutenberg Des Plaines, IL
Alive 1997 1803 Camaro SS Valid Scott Hamilton Elmwood Park, IL
Alive 2002 1811 Camaro SS Valid Kenneth Yates North Aurora, IL
Alive 1996 1976 Camaro SS Valid Mike anderson Riverton, IL
Alive 2001 1991 Camaro SS Valid Bryan Burford La Harpe, IL
Alive 1997 2147 Camaro SS Valid Robert Kleckauskas St Charles, IL
Alive 2000 2323 Camaro SS Valid Phil Dressel Oswego, IL
Alive 1996 2393 WS6 Formula Valid Mark Skalski Wheeling, IL
Alive 1998 2437 Camaro SS Valid Matt Peotone, IL
Alive 1997 2486 Camaro SS Valid Wayne Williams Hoffman Estates, IL
Alive 1997 2491 Camaro SS Valid Nathaniel Heltne O'Fallon, IL
Alive 1998 2574 Camaro SS Valid Zach Sorensen-Nielsen Evanston, IL
Alive 1999 2790 Camaro SS Valid David Gramenz New Lenox, IL
Alive 1999 3021 Camaro SS Valid George Kazaitis Chicago, IL
Alive 1997 3109 Camaro SS Valid Ron Kirchner Chicago, IL
Alive 2002 3394 Camaro SS Valid Neil McMahon Chicago Ridge, IL
Alive 2002 3642 Camaro SS Valid Damon Gowdy Bolingbrook, IL
Alive 1999 3702 Camaro SS Valid James Tobin Gurnee, IL
Alive 1999 3756 Camaro SS Valid James Mercexe Crete, IL
Alive 2002 3883 Camaro SS Valid Mike Gray Frankfort, IL
Alive 1999 3925 Camaro SS Valid Greg Bielarz Joliet, IL
Alive 2002 4428 Camaro SS Valid John Pettis Yorkville, IL
Alive 2001 5367 Camaro SS Valid Phil Higgins Tinley Park, IL
Alive 2002 5841 Camaro SS Valid Mike Ruhl Schaumburg, IL
Alive 2002 6389 Camaro SS Valid Matthew chilton Dekalb, IL
Alive 2000 7084 Camaro SS Valid Steve Antonacci Hampshire, IL
Alive 2002 7201 Camaro SS Valid Michael Filipowicz Saint Charles, IL
Alive 2000 7337 Camaro SS Valid Brian Laverd Lake Marian, IL
Alive 2002 Unknown Camaro SS Valid Todd Kraly Antioch, IL
Alive 2002 7552 Camaro SS Valid Casey LaFrance Macomb, IL
Alive 2002 7648 Camaro SS Valid D Jachimiec Orland Park, IL
Alive 2002 8520 Camaro SS Valid Nathaniel Heltne O'Fallon, IL
Alive 2002 8741 Camaro SS Valid Al Lewis Pontiac, IL

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