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SLP Cars by US State: FL (185 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1997 0001 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Melissa Bassett Coral Gables, FL
Alive 1993 0011 Firehawk Formula Valid Dustin Meloche Oviedo, FL
Alive 2002 0011 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Mcfadden Tampa, FL
Alive 1997 0013 Firehawk Formula Valid Craig Boermeester Sunrise, FL
Alive 1997 0013 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid B. Frye Miami, FL
Alive 2002 0015 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matthew Schneider Saint Petersburg, FL
Alive 2001 0017 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Potter Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2009 0019 Firehawk G8 GT Valid Keith Gill Riverview, FL
Alive 2002 0021 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Lynn Orlando, FL
Alive 1995 0033 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Serle New Smyrna Beach, FL
Alive 1997 0036 Camaro SS Valid Richard Bergeron Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Alive 1995 0042 Comp T/A Valid Kevin Smith Apopka, FL
Alive 1994 0044 Firehawk Formula Valid Ronald Rankin Cape Coral, FL
Alive 1999 C044 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Frank Carbone Jacksonville, FL
Alive 1996 0046 Firehawk Formula Valid Mark Quevli Palm Harbour, FL
Alive 2002 0055 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Earl Snapp Southwest Ranches, FL
Alive 1999 0056 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Brandich Cape Coral, FL
Alive 1995 0056 Firehawk Formula Valid Jack Massie Ocala, FL
Alive 2002 0057 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Greg Bennett Lutz, FL
Alive 1999 0062 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Noennich Navarre, FL
Alive 1993 0062 Firehawk Formula Valid Danny Jozwiak Clermont, FL
Alive 2001 0064 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jose Estrada Sanford, FL
Alive 1995 0068 Comp T/A Valid Mark Parrett Fort Walton Beach, FL
Alive 1999 0069 Camaro SS Valid James Gentry Valrico, FL
Alive 1993 0070 Firehawk Formula Valid Chuck Ketterer Parrish, FL
Alive 1999 0071 Firehawk Trans Am Valid George Kowalik Ocala, FL
Alive 2002 0074 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Billy Botelho Seminole, FL
Alive 1996 0084 Firehawk Formula Valid Toni Yager San Antonio, FL
Alive 2001 0089 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher Fort Lauderdale, FL
Alive 1997 0098 Firehawk Formula Valid Jean Aldrich Ruskin, FL
Alive 1995 0099 Firehawk Formula Valid Justin Fairbanks Ocala, FL
Alive 1994 0103 Firehawk Formula Valid Donold Inverness, FL
Alive 1999 0104 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dennis Navarre, FL
Alive 1997 0104 Firehawk Formula Valid Dean Dempsey Lake Alfred, FL
Alive 2001 0118 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bob Rubano Orlando, FL
Alive 1993 0119 Firehawk Formula Valid Jerry Gollobit Coconut Creek, FL
Alive 1999 0130 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mohamed Reddy Wesley Chapel, FL
Alive 2001 0136 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Schell Winter Springs, FL
Alive 2001 0140 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jerry Meinhardt Madeira Beach, FL
Alive 1997 0148 LT4 #022 Firehawk Formula Valid Charles L. Dick Kissimmee, FL
Alive 2001 0154 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Will Marulis Coral Springs, FL
Alive 2000 0156 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Keith Gill Riverview, FL
Alive 2010 0156 ZL575 Camaro SS Valid Dave & Alli Triplett Eustis, FL
Alive 2002 0162 Firehawk Trans Am Valid O.J. Callahan Pembroke Pines, FL
Alive 1999 0165 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Casella DeLand, FL
Alive 2002 0166 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Karen L Kline Boca Raton, FL
Alive 1994 0167 Firehawk Formula Valid James Bowman Jr Ocoee, FL
Alive 2000 0178 Camaro SS Valid Mike Coon Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 0182 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tony Palese Saint Petersburg, FL
Alive 2000 0182 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jason Brian Sherrod Trenton, FL
Alive 1999 0199 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Stivaly Lake Mary, FL
Alive 2000 0210 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph King Hudson, FL
Alive 2002 0217 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Goess Bronson, FL
Alive 2000 0218 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Clark Hernando, FL
Alive 1994 0228 Firehawk Formula Valid Brad McMahon Oldsmar, FL
Alive 2000 0229 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gabe Bagby Jacksonville, FL
Alive 1994 0243 Firehawk Formula Valid Bob Gordon Tallahassee, FL
Alive 2002 0246 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darlene & Paul Mack Cooper City, FL
Alive 2001 0248 Camaro SS Valid Walt Moyer Deltona, FL
Alive 2000 0254 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Bushman Pompano Beach, FL
Alive 1999 0260 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Alger Miami, FL
Alive 1997 0264 Camaro SS Valid Jeff Camp Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 0268 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Philip Randazzo Coconut Creek, FL
Alive 2002 0270 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dale Katz Cooper City, FL
Alive 1994 0270 Firehawk Formula Valid Henry Borger Winter Springs, FL
Alive 1995 0291 Firehawk Formula Valid Nell Houston Oviedo, FL
Alive 1994 0304 Firehawk Formula Valid Walter Grau Palm Harbor, FL
Alive 1995 0311 Firehawk Formula Valid Stephen Lee Jacksonville, FL
Alive 1994 0331 Firehawk Formula Valid Danny Blades Orlando, FL
Alive 1999 0342 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mark Williams Orange Park, FL
Alive 2002 0360 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Poulos Melbourne Beach, FL
Alive 2001 0360 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris K Naples, FL
Alive 1994 0362 Firehawk Formula Valid David Croll Royal Palm Beach, FL
Alive 1995 0369 Firehawk Formula Valid Raul Sanchez Hialeah, FL
Alive 1996 0373 Camaro SS Valid Edd Gordon Ormond Beach, FL
Alive 2002 0383 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Iman Axbert Sarasota, FL
Alive 2001 0384 10th:#076 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Keifer Thorsen West Palm Beach, FL
Alive 2002 0394 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Handwerker Miami, FL
Alive 1999 0407 Camaro SS Valid Brian Hall Valrico, FL
Alive 2002 0427 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matthew Mattio Wilson, FL
Alive 2002 0440 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Max Schrock Sarasota, FL
Alive 1999 0470 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Pat Byrne Melbourne, FL
Alive 2000 0488 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Dady Tallahassee, FL
Alive 1996 0493 Camaro SS Valid Robert Fallon Palm Beach, FL
Alive 1995 0526 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Wayne Sutter Pembroke Pines, FL
Alive 2002 0550 Firehawk Trans Am Valid J. Raynor Orlando, FL
Alive 1999 0568 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Erin Tellado New Port Richey, FL
Alive 1997 0592 Camaro SS Valid Mark Prezzemolo Coral Springs, FL
Alive 1997 0608 Camaro SS Valid Jack Bittrolff Spring Hill, FL
Alive 2002 0631 Camaro SS Valid Eddie Stilley Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 0650 Firehawk Trans Am Valid marcello Moufarrege Kissimmee, FL
Alive 2002 0655 Firehawk Formula Valid Andy K Fort Walton Beach, FL
Alive 1997 0676 Camaro SS Valid Scott Glassman Orlando, FL
Totaled 2002 0717 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bert Strickand Tampa, FL
Alive 1999 0729 Camaro SS Valid William Hendley West Melbourne, FL
Alive 2002 0750 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Randy Mast Sun City Center, FL
Alive 2002 0751 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rod Nelson West Palm Beach, FL
Totaled 2002 0811 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Karen Cashon Plant City, FL
Alive 2000 0856 Camaro SS Valid Mark Dunn Spring Hill, FL
Alive 1998 0866 Camaro SS Valid Dave Corthell Stuart, FL
Alive 2002 0887 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Schultz Coral Springs, FL
Alive 2002 0910 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Glen "Mikal" Roberts Pensacola, FL
Alive 2002 0921 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rod Hansen Fort Myers, FL
Alive 2002 0922 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Louis Paul Cornale Orlando, FL
Alive 1998 0929 Camaro SS Valid Mike Galiano Jupiter, FL
Alive 2002 0958 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Alex &Jim Rackley Tallahassee, FL
Alive 2002 0963 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Decker Melbourne, FL
Alive 1996 0972 Camaro SS Valid Robert Serfozo Cocoa, FL
Alive 1996 0989 Camaro SS Valid Carl Prinner Citrus, FL
Alive 2000 1 of 6 prototypes Firehawk Trans Am Valid James "Warp-20" Evans Pensacola, FL
Alive 2002 1000 Camaro SS Valid Tanya Parsons Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 1084 Camaro SS Valid Jon Landau Valrico, FL
Alive 2002 1085 Camaro SS Valid Robert Canales Miami, FL
Alive 2000 1092 Camaro SS Valid Jonathan Duncan Plantation, FL
Alive 2002 1117 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Angel Figueroa Jr Pensacola, FL
Alive 2002 1128 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Barnhardt Wesley Chapel, FL
Alive 1999 1146 Camaro SS Valid Ross Dowd AKA Doc Brooksville, FL
Alive 2002 1225 Firehawk Trans Am Valid James J. Fox Orlando, FL
Alive 2002 1256 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Howell Elkton, FL
Alive 2002 1262 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Corbin Chipley, FL
Alive 2002 1285 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert D. Wynn Navarre, FL
Alive 2002 1300 Firehawk Formula Valid Frank Casola North Palm Beach, FL
Alive 2002 1317 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Simmons Loxahatchee, FL
Alive 2001 1340 Camaro SS Valid Scott Jordan Jacksonville, FL
Alive 1996 1344 WS6 Trans Am Valid Warren Seale Melbourne, FL
Alive 2002 1358 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Werner Niceville, FL
Alive 2002 1381 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Billy Marshall Ft. Pierce, FL
Totaled 2002 1420 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Karen Cashon Plant City, FL
Alive 2002 1436 Firehawk Formula Valid David Small Orlando, FL
Alive 1997 1492 AE: #478 Camaro SS Valid Dominick Lozano Jr Bradenton, FL
Alive 2002 1523 Camaro SS Valid Christine Camp Jacksonville, FL
Alive 1997 1530 Camaro SS Valid Bob Diekman Orange Park, FL
Alive 1999 1533 Camaro SS Valid Wayne Wilson Panama City, FL
Alive 2002 1571 Camaro SS Valid Joe Ardente Port St Lucie, FL
Alive 1998 1591 Camaro SS Valid Brett Baroni North Ft. Myers, FL
Alive 2001 1629 Camaro SS Valid Steve Haynes St. Cloud, FL
Alive 1997 1746 Camaro SS Valid Tony Krzczuk Vero Beach, FL
Alive 1999 1747 Camaro SS Valid Jared Geist Panama City Beach, FL
Alive 1997 1748 Camaro SS Valid Harold Steinberg Port Charlotte, FL
Alive 2002 1889 Camaro SS Valid Gary Gray Weeki Wachee, FL
Alive 1996 1919 Camaro SS Valid William Biros & Mary Ritchie Bradenton, FL
Alive 1996 1921 Camaro SS Valid Larry Pollard Spring Hill, FL
Alive 1996 1948 Camaro SS Valid James A Bean Royal Palm Beach, FL
Alive 1997 2013 AE:#714 Camaro SS Valid Dominick Lozano Jr Bradenton, FL
Alive 2000 2100 Camaro SS Valid Jason Baucom Orange Park, FL
Alive 1997 2141 Camaro SS Valid Eward Teraskiewicz The Villages, FL
Alive 2001 2296 Camaro SS Valid Peter Mac Mac Kenzie Stuart, FL
Alive 2002 2302 Camaro SS Valid Alfredo(Al) Saslvador Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2000 2541 Camaro SS Valid Joe G Gainesville, FL
Alive 2000 2569 Camaro SS Valid Randy Richardson Punta Gorda, FL
Alive 1997 2578 Camaro SS Valid Jeff Schneider Orange Park, FL
Alive 1998 2581 Camaro SS Valid Zack Gray Panama city, FL
Alive 1997 2662 Camaro SS Valid Johnny Wysocki Clearwater, FL
Alive 1998 2678 Camaro SS Valid Loren Lomax Cantonment, FL
Alive 2000 2822 Camaro SS Valid Larry Mendoza Apopka, FL
Alive 1999 2973 Camaro SS Valid Leroy Huyghue FT. Walton Beach, FL
Alive 1997 3037 Camaro SS Valid Dave & Alli Triplett Eustis, FL
Alive 2001 3237 Camaro SS Valid Anthony Scarpati Trinity, FL
Alive 1999 3396 Camaro SS Valid Johnny Redfearn Fleming Island, FL
Alive 2002 3603 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Gilmore Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 3679 Camaro SS Valid Ismael Silva Miami, FL
Alive 2002 3988 Camaro SS Valid Brian Lewis Winter Springs, FL
Alive 2000 3993 Camaro SS Valid Jay Szkoruda Saint Petersbrug, FL
Alive 2002 4021 Camaro SS Valid Howard Klippel Wellington, FL
Alive 2002 4250 Camaro SS Valid Perry Parisi Tampa, FL
Alive 2002 4443 Camaro SS Valid John DePew New Port Richey, FL
Alive 2002 4485 Camaro SS Valid David Hartley Lakeland, FL
Alive 2001 5217 Camaro SS Valid Ron Christopher Orlando, FL
Alive 2002 5576 Camaro SS Valid Travis Martin Miami, FL
Alive 2002 5806 Camaro SS Valid Michael Colosimo North Port, FL
Alive 2002 5872 Camaro SS Valid William Evers Baker, FL
Alive 2001 6018 Camaro SS Valid John Gibson Crawfordville, FL
Alive 2002 6073 Camaro SS Valid Rory Tuttle Panama City Beach, FL
Alive 2000 6658 Camaro SS Valid Joe DeCesere Davenport, FL
Alive 2002 7160 Camaro SS Valid Michael Boyle Saint Petersburg, FL
Alive 2000 7345 Camaro SS Valid John Darnell Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 7353 Camaro SS Valid Jamie Britt Cocoa, FL
Alive 2000 7485 Camaro SS Valid Travis Garner Panama City Beach, FL
Alive 2002 7489 Camaro SS Valid Christopher Murphy Fort Walton Beach, FL
Alive 2000 7830 Camaro SS Valid Clint Hollingsworth Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2000 7999 Camaro SS Valid Steve Mullins Tallahassee, FL
Alive 2000 8315 Camaro SS Valid Jason Gaschel Winter Springs, FL
Alive 2000 8375 Camaro SS Valid Russell Quinn Tequesta, FL
Alive 2002 8423 Camaro SS Valid Kenneth Olson Royal Palm Beach, FL
Alive 1998 P001 Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Al Grabo Sarasota, FL

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