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SLP Cars by US State: CA (212 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1999 0004 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jonathan Wood Elk Grove, CA
Alive 1993 0008 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Roland La Habra, CA
Alive 1993 0015 Firehawk Formula Valid Doug Martin Bakersfield, CA
Alive 2009 0015 Firehawk G8 GT Valid Rickey Persons Sr. Oakland, CA
Alive 1993 0016 Firehawk Formula Valid Joe Fortin Gilroy, CA
Alive 1999 0025 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Laura & Lonnie Kerley Fairfield, CA
Alive 2002 0026 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Dix Madera, CA
Alive 1997 0026 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Jack Schulze Temecula, CA
Alive 1995 0044 Comp T/A Valid Todd Steele Escondido, CA
Alive 1999 0045 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ulf Holmqvist Uppsala, CA
Alive 2010 0045 ZL550 Camaro SS Valid Anthony Fiori Simi Valley, CA
Alive 1999 0049 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Neal Patel Glendale, CA
Alive 2002 0051 Firehawk Trans Am Valid James R. Bishop Burbank, CA
Alive 2002 0052 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nancy Johnston Redding, CA
Alive 1997 0053 Camaro SS Valid Steven Katz Lakeside, CA
Alive 1994 0056 Firehawk Formula Valid Lynn Facer Yorba Linda , CA
Alive 1998 0057 Camaro SS Valid Huram Griffin Northridge, CA
Alive 1995 0062 Firehawk Formula Valid Cameron Ortiz Red Bluff, CA
Alive 2002 0075 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Greenslade Simi Valley, CA
Alive 1996 0083 Comp T/A Valid Michael Valdez San Jose, CA
Alive 1997 0099 Camaro SS Valid T Workman Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2000 0107 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Bruzzone El Sobrante, CA
Alive 1997 0109 Firehawk Formula Valid Taylor San Diego, CA
Alive 1993 0112 Firehawk Formula Valid Ric Lindsey Oakland, CA
Alive 2000 0112 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Amy Davies Citrus Heights, CA
Alive 1999 0116 Firehawk Formula Valid Sheila Kliewer Oakhurst, CA
Alive 1995 0117 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Banks Clovis, CA
Alive 2001 0120 Camaro SS Valid Jarrod Ellison El Cajon, CA
Alive 1993 0125 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Gelinske San Jose, CA
Alive 1994 0128 Firehawk Formula Valid Jacob Maxwell Oceanside, CA
Alive 1993 0128 Firehawk Formula Valid Jason Hanna Chula Vista, CA
Alive 2001 0130 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Baesa Martinez, CA
Alive 1995 0132 Firehawk Formula Valid Karen Forsty El Cerrito, CA
Alive 2001 0137 Firehawk Formula Valid Gary & Kristin Brehm Auburn, CA
Alive 2002 0145 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeannine & Arnum Ambrose Chula Vista, CA
Alive 1994 0158 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim Black Castro Valley, CA
Alive 1995 0164 Firehawk Formula Valid Terry W Montano Sacramento, CA
Alive 1999 0167 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Fletcher Thousand Oaks, CA
Alive 1993 0171 Firehawk Formula Valid Jay Sim Southern California, CA
Alive 1998 0172 Camaro SS Valid Terry Hester Bakersfield, CA
Alive 1999 0172 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Juan Vaca Moorpark, CA
Alive 1993 0173 Firehawk Formula Valid Angelique Norton & Michele Lozano Palmdale, CA
Alive 2000 0180 Camaro SS Valid Arthur Gonzales Sylmar, CA
Alive 2001 0195 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Clarence White Riverside, CA
Alive 1994 0201 Firehawk Formula Valid Wayne mccalley Vacaville, CA
Alive 2001 0211 10th:#020 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Greg Williams Pittsburgh, CA
Alive 1999 0225 Firehawk Formula Valid Bob Morgan Los Gatos, CA
Alive 2000 0227 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lance C. Esswein Monterey, CA
Alive 2001 0227 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mark Rose and Tammy Rose Turlock, CA
Alive 1999 0233 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Pelletier Citrus Heights, CA
Alive 2001 0233 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Evan Smith Huntington Beach, CA
Alive 2002 0235 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Dias Bakersfield, CA
Alive 2001 0241 Camaro SS Valid Tony Alamillo , CA
Alive 2001 0251 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Brown Elverta, CA
Alive 2002 0258 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Wallingford Twentynine Palms, CA
Salvage 2001 0267 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matthew Raue Bakersfield, CA
Alive 2000 0278 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Homer R Johnson Tracy, CA
Alive 1999 0282 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dan Bloch El Cajon, CA
Alive 2002 0287 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jay F. Kavanagh Stevenson Ranch, CA
Alive 2000 0289 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Gutierrez Hesperia, CA
Alive 1994 0313 Firehawk Formula Valid Garth Thomas North Hollywood, CA
Alive 1994 0314 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Seale Grover Beach, CA
Alive 1994 0319 Firehawk Formula Valid Rob McDonald San Diego, CA
Alive 2000 0322 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Allison Lee Hesperia, CA
Alive 1997 0324 Camaro SS Valid Curtis Selseth Fairfield, CA
Alive 1994 0325 Firehawk Formula Valid Thomas & Rene Trowbridge Riverside, CA
Alive 2001 0332 Firehawk Formula Valid Blair Hedman Pleasanton, CA
Alive 1995 0335 Firehawk Formula Valid Fernando A. Joanino Elk Grove, CA
Alive 2002 0337 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Perkins Riverbank, CA
Alive 2002 0346 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tori Kyes North Hollywood, CA
Alive 1999 0354 Firehawk Formula Valid Todd Kreyenhagen Atascadero, CA
Alive 1999 0360 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Horton Modesto, CA
Alive 1997 0362 AE:#0043 Camaro SS Valid Tony Damico La Quinta, CA
Alive 1997 0365 Camaro SS Valid Robert Blank Whittier, CA
Alive 1994 0366 Firehawk Formula Valid Brad Benton Carlsbad, CA
Alive 1999 0372 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Van De Mark Redding, CA
Alive 1995 0376 Firehawk Formula Valid Joe Sousa Turlock, CA
Alive 1995 0388 Firehawk Formula Valid Matt Reyes Lake Forest, CA
Alive 1994 0389 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim Buysse Riverside, CA
Alive 1995 0395 Firehawk Formula Valid Porter Palmer Sherman Oaks, CA
Alive 2002 0396 Firehawk Formula Valid Alberto Villacorta Redwood City, CA
Alive 2002 0398 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Leonard Dworak Temple City, CA
Alive 2002 0419 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Dacher Glendale, CA
Alive 1999 0422 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gene Buell Hesperia, CA
Alive 1997 0424 Camaro SS Valid Lathan Logan San Jose, CA
Alive 2001 0435 Firehawk Formula Valid Ryan Heisler Burbank, CA
Alive 2000 0437 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Will & Renee Fiorelli Palmdale, CA
Alive 1994 0445 Firehawk Formula Valid Tony Molina Jr Fairfield, CA
Alive 2002 0457 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Austyn Glyn Griffiths Duarte, CA
Alive 2002 0467 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ronald Asher Bakersfield, CA
Alive 2002 0479 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Diffee Bakersfield, CA
Alive 2002 0480 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Glenn Citrus Heights, CA
Alive 2001 0482 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David G. Lloyd Castiac, CA
Alive 1999 0483 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kent Trenkle Palmdale, CA
Alive 1999 0486 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Shawn & Stacey Lawson Milpitas, CA
Alive 2002 0490 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Eric & Ashley Harris San Diego, CA
Alive 2001 0497 Camaro SS Valid John Goodwyn Folsom, CA
Alive 1995 0514 Firehawk Formula Valid Derek Salling La Cresenta, CA
Alive 2002 0524 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Bergman Canoga Park, CA
Alive 2000 0539 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Antonio Moreno Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2002 0552 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Armando Galarza San Diego, CA
Alive 2000 0556 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darrell Trimble Danville, CA
Alive 1995 0559 Firehawk Formula Valid Timothy Scott Jones Colton, CA
Alive 1995 0573 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Rugg Arroyo Grande, CA
Alive 2002 0578 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ken Diener Roseville, CA
Alive 1999 0580 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christian Gomez Stockton, CA
Alive 1999 0594 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Bennett Marina, CA
Alive 2000 0610 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony Eyzaguirre Newark, CA
Alive 1997 0617 Camaro SS Valid Jerry Rincon Brentwood, CA
Alive 1999 0631 Camaro SS Valid Tommy Kum San Diego, CA
Alive 1996 0633 Camaro SS Valid Joe Holcomb Santa Rosa, CA
Alive 1995 0639 Firehawk Formula Valid Nick Wettig San Diego, CA
Alive 1997 0645 Camaro SS Valid John Hackettt Torrance, CA
Alive 2000 0648 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Catalin Reu Santa Clara, CA
Alive 2000 0658 Firehawk Formula Valid Frank Casciato Simi Valley, CA
Alive 2002 0663 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brandon Ring Union City, CA
Alive 2000 0667 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Phillip T. Ingram San Jose, CA
Alive 2002 0669 Camaro SS Valid Joe Sousa Turlock, CA
Alive 2000 0670 Camaro SS Valid Craig Leres Alameda, CA
Alive 2002 0672 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Hofer Ontario, CA
Alive 2002 0710 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Denney Anderson Visalia, CA
Alive 1997 0724 Camaro SS Valid David Hernandez Riverside, CA
Alive 2002 0748 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William J. Smith San Francisco, CA
Alive 1996 0765 WS6 Formula Valid Ulf Holmqvist Uppsala, CA
Alive 2002 0767 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph Walts Campbell, CA
Salvage 2002 0771 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brandon Jones Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2002 0812 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Dunlop Elk Grove, CA
Alive 1996 0846 Camaro SS Valid Carlos Gonzalez San Jose, CA
Alive 1997 0854 Camaro SS Valid Rodrigo Lopez Lynwood, CA
Alive 2000 0867 Camaro SS Valid John Rhodes Modesto, CA
Alive 2002 0905 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Cindy & John Brito San Diego, CA
Alive 1996 0906 Camaro SS Valid Michael MacDuff Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2002 0912 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Egan Riverside, CA
Alive 2002 0917 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Luigi Dionisio San Ramon, CA
Alive 2002 0946 Firehawk Formula Valid Dominick Esposito Mission Viejo, CA
Alive 1996 0949 Camaro SS Valid Vince Santopietro La Verne, CA
Alive 1996 0959 Camaro SS Valid Robert Harry San Diego, CA
Alive 2002 0978 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brendan Hawkins Escondido, CA
Alive 2002 1004 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kua Tautua San Francisco, CA
Alive 1997 1075 Camaro SS Valid Jaime Ortega Woodland Hills, CA
Alive 2002 1130 Firehawk Formula Valid Mark R. Dzukola Santa Barbara, CA
Alive 2002 1135 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Alex Moreno Whittier, CA
Alive 2002 1157 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Tucker Mission Viejo, CA
Alive 2002 1166 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Archie Rhee Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2002 1179 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Todd Lines Modesto, CA
Alive 2002 1195 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Palacio Irvine, CA
Alive 1996 1310 Camaro SS Valid Jason Aldape Sacramento, CA
Alive 1996 1330 Camaro SS Valid Luis Negrete San Jose, CA
Alive 2002 1330 Camaro SS Valid Brian Bailey Sacramento, CA
Alive 1997 1335 Camaro SS Valid William Cavagnaro Fresno, CA
Alive 2002 1339 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Pastor Casanova La Crescenta, CA
Alive 1999 1342 Camaro SS Valid Solly Samara Northridge, CA
Alive 1996 1349 Camaro SS Valid David Kikuchi Camarillo, CA
Alive 2002 1374 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mark Joppru Yorba Linda, CA
Alive 1999 1400 Camaro SS Valid Jarrod Ellison El Cajon, CA
Alive 1996 1437 WS6 Trans Am Valid Mike Cohn Lancaster, CA
Alive 2002 1451 Camaro SS Valid Moises Beltran Pasadena, CA
Alive 1997 1453 Camaro SS Valid Jonathan Strausburg Nipomo, CA
Alive 2002 1455 AE:#0340 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Velasquez Santa Ana, CA
Alive 2002 1542 Camaro SS Valid Mario Soto Rialto, CA
Alive 2002 1637 Camaro SS Valid Albert Mulingtapang Jr San Bruno, CA
Alive 1997 1656 Camaro SS Valid Scott Heakin Simi Valley, CA
Alive 1996 1688 Camaro SS Valid Vance Chula Santee, CA
Alive 1996 1860 Camaro SS Valid Ted Stephens Poway, CA
Alive 1996 1902 Camaro SS Valid Paul Escobedo Orange, CA
Alive 1996 1943 Camaro SS Valid Allan Peterson Redondo Beach, CA
Alive 1999 1972 Camaro SS Valid Brent Pollard Los Osos, CA
Alive 1997 2067 Camaro SS Valid Robert Blank Whittier, CA
Alive 2002 2177 Camaro SS Valid Mike Chan El Sobrante, CA
Alive 1997 2256 Camaro SS Valid Donny Cooley Benicia, CA
Alive 1997 2294 Camaro SS Valid Dranel Ferguson Elk grove, CA
Alive 1996 2309 Camaro SS Valid William Stanley Yuba City, CA
Alive 2000 2310 Camaro SS Valid Christian Huebner Santa Clara, CA
Alive 1997 2378 Camaro SS Valid David Jones Lake Tahoe, CA
Alive 2001 2384 Camaro SS Valid Jarrod Ellison El Cajon, CA
Alive 1999 2455 Camaro SS Valid Gregory Hanes Sacarmento, CA
Alive 2000 2510 Camaro SS Valid Bryan Ross Upland, CA
Alive 2001 2517 Camaro SS Valid Mike Underwood Camarillo, CA
Alive 1998 2587 Camaro SS Valid Richard Ocegueda Pala, CA
Alive 2002 2605 Camaro SS Valid Julian Aguirre Lodi, CA
Alive 2001 2738 Camaro SS Valid Chris Burken Anaheim, CA
Alive 2000 2749 Camaro SS Valid Louis A Rubalcava Whittier, CA
Alive 2002 2757 Camaro SS Valid Jonathan O'Rourke Antioch, CA
Alive 2001 3342 Camaro SS Valid Jeffrey Frank Fukushima Sacramento, CA
Alive 1999 3400 Camaro SS Valid John Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Alive 2000 3505 Camaro SS Valid Jarrod Ellison El Cajon, CA
Alive 2002 3597 Camaro SS Valid Salvador Calderon San fernando, CA
Alive 2000 3820 Camaro SS Valid Ted Langan Cerritos, CA
Alive 2000 3836 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Gutierrez Montclair, CA
Alive 2002 3869 Camaro SS Valid James Ferguson San Jose, CA
Alive 1999 3887 Camaro SS Valid Antonio Moreno Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2001 4086 Camaro SS Valid Joshua Orbinati Dublin, CA
Alive 2001 4096 Camaro SS Valid John Peterman Canyon Country, CA
Alive 2002 4233 Camaro SS Valid Russell Carpenter Fullerton, CA
Alive 2000 4490 Camaro SS Valid Javier Fierros Los Angeles, CA
Alive 1999 4509 Camaro SS Valid Brian Murphy El Cajon, CA
Alive 2002 4526 Camaro SS Valid Jon Holloway Danville, CA
Alive 2001 4904 Camaro SS Valid Matthew Bergeson South San Francisco, CA
Alive 2002 6172 Camaro SS Valid Matthew Devereaux Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2002 6316 Camaro SS Valid Logan Cromwell Cypress, CA
Alive 2002 7261 Camaro SS Valid Vin Birak Daly City, CA
Alive 2000 7562 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Sanchez Simi Valley, CA
Alive 2000 8088 Camaro SS Valid Jarrod Ellison El Cajon, CA
Alive 2002 8398 Camaro SS Valid Adam Lopez Chino, CA
Alive 2000 8486 Camaro SS Valid Harold Rickard Victorville, CA
Alive 2002 8581 Camaro SS Valid Fidencio Diaz Moreno Valley, CA
Alive 2002 8976 Camaro SS Valid Vic Arreola San Diego, CA
Alive 2002 8988 Camaro SS Valid Alonso Ortega, CA
Alive 2002 9307 Camaro SS Valid Joel Vallejo Inglewood, CA
Alive 1994 P005 Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Tom Lowery Hayward, CA
Alive 1997 Unknown WS6 Trans Am Valid Bob Morgan Los Gatos, CA
Alive 1997 Unknown WS6 Trans Am Valid Ulf Holmqvist Uppsala, CA

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