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SLP Cars by Option: ZR1 Wheels (68 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 2001 C001 Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Darrin Mah Vancouver, BC
Alive 2002 0024 Camaro SS Valid Steven Zis Pelham, NH
Alive 2002 C099 Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Tammy Baron Saint Louisville, OH
Alive 2002 C105 Camaro SS Valid Corey Bell Saskatoon, SK
Alive 2001 0169 Camaro SS Valid John P. Giehm Yuma, AZ
Alive 1997 0177 Camaro SS Valid Joseph Golden Houston, TX
Alive 2002 0225 Camaro SS Valid William Ross Smithfield, NC
Alive 1997 0400 AE:#057 Camaro SS Valid Ross Reynolds Anderson, IN
Alive 2002 C429 Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Mike Kirkwood Surrey, BC
Alive 1996 0533 Camaro SS Valid Don Smith Tillson, NY
Alive 1998 0616 Camaro SS Valid Tony Pierce Wonder Lake, IL
Alive 2002 C623 Camaro SS Valid Jason Asselstine Winnipeg, MB
Alive 2002 0631 Camaro SS Valid Eddie Stilley Jacksonville, FL
Alive 1997 0684 Camaro SS Valid Janis Bite Guelph, Ontario
Alive 1996 1010 Camaro SS Valid Greg Hagler Columbus, GA
Alive 1996 1017 Camaro SS Valid Archie & Sue Rodgers Loris, SC
Alive 2002 1029 Camaro SS Valid Brian Catron, HI
Alive 2001 1066 Camaro SS Valid Thomas Hoffman Shelton, CT
Alive 2002 1308 Camaro SS Valid Justin Moore Cartersville, GA
Alive 1999 1809 Camaro SS Valid Travis Tucker Huntsville, AL
Alive 1996 1892 Camaro SS Valid Jeremiah and Jamie Hinds Douglas, WY
Alive 2001 1927 Camaro SS Valid James Hastings Garnet valley, PA
Alive 1996 1943 Camaro SS Valid Allan Peterson Redondo Beach, CA
Alive 2001 1998 Camaro SS Valid Bobby Smith Colorado Springs, CO
Alive 2001 2114 Camaro SS Valid Lee Schulz Zionsville, IN
Alive 2001 2128 Camaro SS Valid George Grimes Clayton, IN
Alive 2002 2309 Camaro SS Valid Gerry Massie Norfolk, VA
Alive 1997 2335 Camaro SS Valid Jay Nelson Greenfield, MN
Alive 1997 2528 Camaro SS Valid Cory Carpenter Cheyenne, WY
Alive 1997 2559 Camaro SS Valid Dominick Bates, NY
Alive 2002 2757 Camaro SS Valid Jonathan O'Rourke Antioch, CA
Alive 2002 2791 Camaro SS Valid Lou Albano Bohemia, NY
Alive 2002 2853 Camaro SS Valid Steven Meents Dayton, OH
Alive 2002 3045 Camaro SS Valid Cecil Barrett Noblesville, IN
Alive 2001 3230 Camaro SS Valid Darrell Frazier Oklahoma City, OK
Alive 2002 3236 Camaro SS Valid Dale Merrill Montoursville, PA
Alive 2002 3603 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Gilmore Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 3789 Camaro SS Valid Cody Hudson Mooresville, NC
Alive 2001 4049 Camaro SS Valid Chad Robinson London, KY
Alive 2002 4080 Camaro SS Valid Michael Healy Weymouth, MA
Alive 2001 4084 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Dobrowolski Rowlett, TX
Alive 2002 4250 Camaro SS Valid Perry Parisi Tampa, FL
Alive 1999 4556 Camaro SS Valid Brian Jordan Gainesville, GA
Alive 2002 4660 Camaro SS Valid Kenn Page Crystal Springs, MS
Alive 2001 4686 Camaro SS Valid Amos Williams III Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2002 4749 Camaro SS Valid Steve Pettis Garand Blanc, MI
Alive 2002 4810 Camaro SS Valid Joshua Prince Hampton, VA
Alive 2001 4930 Camaro SS Valid Corey Buckwalter Houtzdale, PA
Alive 2001 5449 Camaro SS Valid John Wilson Treynor, IA
Alive 2002 5841 Camaro SS Valid Mike Ruhl Schaumburg, IL
Alive 2001 5857 Camaro SS Valid Robert Patrick Louisville, OH
Alive 2002 6760 Camaro SS Valid Joseph Clement Oklahoma City, OK
Alive 2000 6824 Camaro SS Valid Seth Miller St Stephen, SC
Alive 2002 7067 Camaro SS Valid Christopher Sierra Fort Collins, CO
Alive 2002 7201 Camaro SS Valid Michael Filipowicz Saint Charles, IL
Alive 2000 7206 Camaro SS Valid Alan Kohler Temple, PA
Alive 2002 7571 Camaro SS Valid Mark Darpino Apalachin, NY
Alive 2002 7606 Camaro SS Valid Gregory Gootee Greenfield, IN
Alive 2002 7757 Camaro SS Valid Zachary T Rhinehelder Maumelle, AR
Alive 2000 7830 Camaro SS Valid Clint Hollingsworth Jacksonville, FL
Alive 2002 8068 Camaro SS Valid Chase Piner Morehead City, NC
Alive 2002 8229 Camaro SS Valid Roger Schenk Canyon, TX
Alive 2000 8315 Camaro SS Valid Jason Gaschel Winter Springs, FL
Alive 2002 Unknown Camaro SS Valid Matthew Gassen Pampa, TX
Alive 2002 8423 Camaro SS Valid Kenneth Olson Royal Palm Beach, FL
Alive 2002 8989 Camaro SS Valid Tyler Rakes Washougal, WA
Alive 2002 9968 Camaro SS Valid Stephen Mariani Wake Forest, NC
Alive 2002 10294 Camaro SS Valid Chris & Denise Cardon Clarkston, WA

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