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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 1998
Number Unknown
Model Camaro SS
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Camaro SS Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2009.10.02 Ebay

Junction City, Kansas

p for sale is my 1998 Chevy Camaro SS (true SS, not a clone). 346 cubic inch all aluminum LS1 V8, mounted to a 4L60E automatic transmision, factory 3.23 geared 10 bolt solid rear axle. Gets between 18-22 MPG, depending on the mix of city/highway, and driving habits. With regular tires it runs low to mid 13 second 1/4 mile times, depending on track condition/weather, and driver! Clean title in hand, no lien on this car. Overall condition is nice, this car is a great head turner! Only a few drawbacks to this great vehicle

Low reserve - $6,000!

This car is loaded with most options from the factory; leather, t-tops, power locks/windows/mirrors, electric rear defrost, cruise control, CD player, leather seats, ABS, traction control, SS package. All of the accessories work, and even the power windows (which are common in these cars to not function that great) work well, even when the car is off has been sitting a few days

Condition of vehicle - interior
As seen in the pictures, the interior is very clean and well taken care of. Wear and tear looks normal on the leather, with no rips or tears. The headliner has one tiny rip right above the driver side visor, small enough I can't think of anything to compare it to. There is a stain in the rear hatch area as seen in the pictures, but I don't know what it is. I'll try to have it removed before the car goes to the next owner, but no guarantees. The plastic around the headlights/dimmer switch has about an inch of plastic cut from the left side. This was a part that came from my previous car, which is explained below. All of the speakers function, and sounds good for being a stock system. The radio itself has a few spots (mostly the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5) where the lights have burned out over the years. The Service Engine Soon light does not function, I was told it was a circuit problem and not just a light. This wasn't a problem though, as the car was always well taken care of, with regular code scanning. Finally, the window tint does have wrinkles/cuts on both windows and the rear, but since this wasn't a factory option I didn't see it as a big concern. I was going to remove it, but figured I'd let the next owner decide if they wanted to have the tint removed, or retinted. All interior accessories work fine (except the right blinker, read below). The glovebox/center console are clean and open/close easily. All cup holders are clean and work (including the front one that rotates). There are no chips in the windshield or t-tops. The t-tops are a little stiff to open, but operate well. The t-top shades are not present. The rear hatch opens on the first try (later years had a problem sticking). The weatherstripping is good, however (like most of these cars) if you go through a power-wash, expect some water to come through the front on the door windows. Normal rain does not come through the two previous Camaros did the same thing. No warning lights on the dash are lit up

Condition of vehicle - exterior
As the pictures show, the exterior of this car looks very nice! It is bright red with what is called a black "mantra stripe" painted in. That's right, the black is painted in, no decals here! The car was in a minor low speed side swipe by a drunk driver, and the insurance payout was nice enough the previous owner decided to have the entire car repainted. A new rear bumper would have fixed the problem, as there was NO FRAME DAMAGE, and the title is CLEAN not salvaged/rebuilt, but the previous owner decided to make the entire car match in color since the original paint was from 1998. Overall the paint is in very good condition, with only a few blemishes. Most of them are on the front, as seen in the pictures, since the car is daily driven, it has picked up a few nicks on the highway. There are a couple very tiny black chips on the sides, but you really have to look for them. The driver's side mirror has a very light white scuffing. Any good body shop would be able to clean up the tiny black chips and the mirror pretty easily, but they don't take away from the car at all

Condition of vehicle - mechanical
This car, despite its "higher" miles, runs and drives very well. It starts up quickly every single day, and has served as a highway daily driver for most of its life. I would not be afraid to jump in it right now and drive it across the country. The transmission shifts smoth and firmly, but not violently. The u-joints are good, and does not "clunk" when going into any gear. The transmission has no problems going into or coming out of overdrive and lock-up. All four gears work without any problem. It goes into neutral, park, and reverse without a problem. The e-brake holds the car in place firmly, if needed. The rear end does not whine (at least I cannot hear it, but I have good ears!), clunk or rattle. The driveshaft is in good condition

Modifications/newer parts
The car has minor bolt-on parts. There has never been internal engine work (no heads/cam swaps, forged parts, etc), only minor parts, which include; MAC midlength coated headers, H pipe, true dual exhaust with dumps near the rear axle, aftermarket air lid, MSD plug wires, NGK TR6 plugs, 1 year old battery..all of these were from my previous LS1 car. Mods already on the car are UMI non-adjustable lower control arms, UMI welded boxed subframe connectors, prothane motor mounts, free ram air, throttle body bumpstop mod (allows throttle body to open a full 100%, stock isn't quite that much), throttle body coolant bypass (not an issue if you don't drive in freezing temperatures) some tuning (torque management was deleted), newer O2 sensors, EGR delete, no cat converters, SLP SS grille, rear polyurthane black CAMARO inserts, and 4 beam brights (stock is 2). Other than that it's stock. It's not easy finding these cars that haven't been heavily modded!

This car was purchased from (to my knowledge, I could be wrong on this part though) the original owners, who mostly highway daily drove it, in Feb 2007 by one of my good friends. He daily drove this car, about a 10-15 minute drive to work. In June 2009 he traded this car to me. I have driven it to work most every day since then, and a few 1-2 hour trips on the highway/interstate

How/why I obtained this car
I obtained this car in a trade with my friend. My old 2001 Camaro Z28 for this 1998 Camaro SS. I had decided that I wanted to sell my old car, but my friend offered me this car in exchange (my old car was a more heavily modded car...3 speed automatic, big stall, cam, gutted, nitrous, some frame damage, etc etc). I decided that my old car would be difficult to sell considering the modifications, so I took him up on the offer. We traded cars, and now I'm selling this one

Why I'm selling it
The only reason I'm selling the car is because I've owned three different Camaros over the last 7-8 years. I'm ready for something different! Maybe a truck, who knows. Other than that, I really like this car, and if I were still into wanting one, this would be perfect for me. It's a joy driving it, and I love how well it can turn heads. I get compliments on it all the time!

Issues with this car
Like most used cars, this one is not without some flaws. I will list them the best that I can

*The front right blinker does not work. I can get my hand on the housing, but it will not twist off to replace the bulb. I think it may be somewhat melted. The rear right blinker still functions, though it lights up solid...since the front one is out, it won't "blink" until it has a new bulb (much like how other cars will give a fast blink when one is out). Left one works fine

*A/C has been removed. The compressor had gone out on previous owner, so he removed most of the system. However, I have most all of the parts to put the system back in, with the exception of a compressor, belt, and one of the brackets. Everything else (the blower motor, switches, rear lines, etc) are still in place. All of the parts I have will come with the car. The heater, however, works very well, and warms up quickly

*When riding over railroad tracks or rough roads, the shocks show their age. I've also noticed it makes a small rattle when going in reverse. A new set of shocks will probably fix all of this. However when driving on nicer roads, or highway/interstate, it rides really nice and smooth. It's relaxing cruising at 70mph, especially with the tops off!

*Since the exhaust is a true dual setup, it does hang a little lower than stock. However, as long as the driver is being smart, this should not be an issue. Don't take bumps/dips at 30mph, and don't drive into a VERY steep ramp, and you will never scrape it. Normal driving around town, I have no issues with this at all

*Front tires could use replacing, but hold air fine. Rear tires however have plenty of life left on them

*Has spare tire/jack, however the latch that holds them to the frame is missing. They don't rattle very much, if at all, when driving however

*Passenger side front bottom bumper is not perfectly aligned to door, however it was this way before the small accident. This seems to be somewhat common on these cars, I've seen it on many others. Driver's side sits flush. See pictures below

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