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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 1996
Number Unknown
Model WS6 Trans Am
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
WS6 Trans Am Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

More pictures can be found here.

Car Notes
2009.08.31 Ebay

Goldsboro, NC

This is my 96 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 that I have owned for about 3 1/2 years. A reputable shop installed an 02 Camaro SS LS1/Auto Trans into the TA. My buddy who is an ASE certified mechanic has been helping me on and off toward finishing the swap. However, both of us have been working a lot of hours and we haven't been able to put that much time into it lately. I don't have to sell my TA but since my business has been picking up and my time is short, I would prefer to see it finished rather than just sitting there. This car runs and drives but it's not street legal yet. There are some items left to do in order to get it to pass emissions. At least that was my goal. Overall the TA is in very good shape if you compare it to other TA's of that year. The reason that I replaced the engine was because a wrist pin in the LT1 went out and my buddy suggested putting a LS1 in it instead. I did some research and decided to go with the LS1 not realizing that it would involve a lot more time than I originally planned for.

I have replaced a lot of other items on the car as well. Some of the items are unrelated to the LS1 swap and were done while the TA still had the LT1 in it. I will give you a little history on the car before I go into what has already been done and what still needs to be done in order to complete the TA. I purchased the car from another ebayer located near Atlanta, GA. As far as I know, I am the fourth owner of the TA, but I never did a car history report on it, so please do your own research. I am basing this off the information that I found in the car when I bought it. I know of three previous owners based off that paperwork and all of them are from Georgia. So there is no rust on this car anywhere. I live in NC, and we don't have the rust issue here with winter. When I bought this car I realized that the car had been hit on the front passenger side because it had an aftermarket fender installed that was slightly darker. However, the suspension and subframe were fine so I bought it anyway. Upon further inspection, I realized that the body shop failed to replace items that were still broken or damaged from that accident. I ended up having to replace the header unit(where the headlights attach to), the overflow/battery tank, some vacuum lines, and eventually the radiator because the accident scuffed the black plastic side up enough to cause it to leak. I also replaced the fender wih a GM red fender from a 95 Firebird which matched my paint and flowed much better. The rims and tires only have around 5000 miles or so on them. I replaced the rear shocks and the front struts with KYB ones I bought from Summit. About 6 months before the LT1 went, a young lady hit my TA in the rear. Thankfully she had a small compact car and she only hit the rear drivers side bumper area and the rear metal fender was not affected. Since I owned the car I replaced the rear bumper assembly with another one from a red TA which matched really good, the reflector on the light lens, and I had my buddy fix the exhaust she bent. The exhaust that is currently on the car is 3" pipe from the y pipe back. It has a glass pack if I remember right, it looks like the muffler that SLP uses and goes back into dual tips on each side. It sounds great!

After the shop installed the LS1/Trans back in March of 08, it was brought to my buddy's house to work on until May of 09 when I brought it home to work on it myself. The paint was in really good shape, but because it sat outside during that timeframe some of the clear coat on the ram air hood begain to come off. The hood is the only area that has any clear coat issues. The main area being in the one photo of the passenger side hood/headlight area. The paint itself is good on the hood and the rest of the car as a whole. The interior is in very good shape considering that most TA's of this year are much worse. The only things I was planning on redoing was the main carpet because a previous owner wore a small hole with the heal of his shoe right in front of the seat. However, I purchased another carpet of the same color from another TA that was in really good shape. The dash pad, headliner and visors were the other things I was planning on replacing; but I already have another dash pad in perfect shape. The visors are in good shape, the mirrors are fine, the material is pretty clean, but they have some sag in them since the backing has started to deteriorate. The headliner started pulling away from just above the passenger side where the t tops would go if it had them. However, its not too bad and the material is tight there. I was planning on replacing the headliner material myself but I still have to order the material in the right color. Other than those items the interior is in good shape, especially the leather. When it was at my buddy's house, I put a large piece of cardboard in the windshield area and put the rear seats down and covered all the seats with sheets to help protect them from the sun. It did a pretty good job too. The only other thing I can think of is the driver's side window motor is going to need replacing. However, I have one new high quality motor and one good used motor to replace it with. The reason Im telling you all these things is so you know what to expect from this project. Some of these items are really minor and may not bother you, but I wanted everyone to know what I know and where I was going with this car.

Ok, the 96 TA has 114,099 on the odometer and I bought it with a little over 100k. The LS1/trans has a little over 51k. I have most of the paperwork, receipts and a copy of the title from the Camaro SS that the LS1/trans came out of. The majority of parts I purchased for this TA came from other ebayers or places like Summit. The LS1/Trans and many of the other LS1 parts came from Cleveland Pick a Part; a fellow ebayer. Anyways, the shop that installed the LS1 installed it approximately 21/2" further back than where the LT1 sat in the K member. They were a reputable shop but they didn't really do custom installs. My buddy and the Trans Dap engineer had to help the shop figure out a way to make my LT1 motor mounts work with the Trans Dap plates. After that was worked out, they reinstalled everything and the engine/trans fit in correctly; it just sat a couple inches further back like the vettes. Therefore the trans cross member was only catching one bolt instead of 2. So we had to modify the oem crossmember to get it to be in the right location. The fabricated crossmember was cleaned, primed and repainted with high temp paint. Because the engine/trans sat back further, the drive shaft had to be shortened. The shop that shortened the drive shaft, balanced it, put new universal joints in and repainted it. If I remember right, the LS1 engine block is slightly wider than the LT1 and as a result the rack and pinion angle is slightly different too. Therefore, I ended up having to replace the LT1 rack with an LS1 rack with low miles, The reason being besides the angle difference was because the alternator and power steering lines were too close to the rack and the LS1 rack resolved these issues. I also replaced the intermediate shaft between the rack and the steering column with an LS1 shaft because of length and clearance issues. I also had to replace the throttle cable with a slightly longer one since the LT1 cable is attached on the drivers side and the LS1 cable is attached to the passenger side. The 96 Ram Air box was fitted to the LS1, which I think is a better setup than the LS1's that come from underneath. The battery is less than 6 months old. The air conditioning did work on the LT1, but the LS1 setup is a little different than the LT1. After a lot of research, I felt is was better to just replace the whole ac system with LS1 parts. The condensor in front of the radiator and the drier are already installed and connected and the line off the drier going to the evaporator is plugged off. I do have a LS1 evaporator, but the dash has to be pulled in order to install it. That was the main reason I delayed doing that part, but I figured since I was going to replace the main carpet, the dash pad and the headliner, that would be the best time to pull the dash.

Ok, now keep in mind some people would go a different route than me as far as wiring, but realize that sometimes you do what saves you money. Other times you don't realize the time it will take you to do some things and the extra money seems worth it. Now when it comes to the wiring, depending on your time, money and knowledge, there are actually different routes you can go to finish this TA off. Based off my situation, I decided to replace the engine bay wiring harness with a LS1 harness. This is the harness that contains the two fuse blocks(LS1) and goes through the drivers side firewall and connects to the under dash harness inside the car under the steering column area. After talking it over with my buddy, we decided this would be a better route than using a painless(but not in your wallet)harness instead. Plus most painless harnesses are not emissions compliant. It will cost even more to make a painless harness work in a car that needs to pass emissions. Besides, we figured that most of the wiring/connectors between the 96 and the 02 would be the same and we would just have to repin some wiring for everything to line up. For the most part we were right, but I had to buy the 96 dealership manuals and a GM cd manual for the 02 in order to research all the different connectors and wiring systems. I will include these manuals with the car. I will also give you all the information that I have in regards to these connectors and go over it with the winnig bidder. So basically, the wiring has to be finished before the car can pass emissions. The other items don't necessarily have to be done now in order to get the TA legal and driving on the street. Now, I have repinned one item and the fuel pump and the ignition have been rewired already so that the car runs and drives. Since I used the LS1 engine bay harness I also replaced the master cylinder reservoir since it has a fluid level sensor on it. The headlights were the only other thing that had to be rewired to get them to work properly since the connectors are different in the LT1 vs the LS1. The horn is also one item that has to be repinned, but it does work. The motors in the headlights work fine. I did have one shortly after I bought it start to have issues but I reversed the gears and I haven't had a problem since.

In addition to the exhaust, since I was planning on making this TA emissions compliant, I installed GM catalytic convertors and a stock y pipe as well. A reducer had to be made in order to connect the y pipe to the muffler. The connector was welded to the ypipe but not to the muffler side. It fits in tight though, but I would weld it after the car is complete.

I can't really think of anything else right now, but Im sure Im forgetting something. The TA does have a clear title and its not a salvaged title either. Im not willing to ship this car anywhere. If you are interested in bidding on this TA do so with the intention of using a roll back or trailering the car. I will require a $500 deposit with a confirmed address through PayPal for the winning bidder and cash in hand once you pick the car up. Any parts I mentioned in this ad I will give to the winning bidder upon pick up, including the 96 dealership manuals. I probably have around 20k in this TA as a whole. That includes the original cost of the car when I purchased it. If you have any questions, please ask me? Thanks and good luck!

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