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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 1997
Number 0359
Model Camaro SS
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Camaro SS Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2009.08.9 Ebay

Woodstock, GA, United States

This is a REAL 1997 Camaro SS that has 64,732 original miles. It is a factory Black t-top car with the Graphite Leather interior. Since it is a 1997, it is a 30th Anniversary model and has the 30th logo on the seats. This vehicle is #359 built by Street Legal Performance in 1997, and still has the SLP stickers on the radiator cover as well as inside the driver's side door jamb.It came with the raised rear spoiler, the SS scooped hood, the 17x9 ZR1 style wheels with P27540ZR17 BFG Radials (now Nitto NT355s in the same size, like new), SS logo front floor mats, the SS logo car cover, a Hurst shifter (no longer on the car), and a 3.42 rear axle with the Torsen differential. The rear has since been replaced with a stock rear from a 2002 Z28, with approximately 15k miles. This also provided the superior 98-up rear brakes. The factory T56 is still in place ,and has given no issues. The slave cylinder has been replaced, and the clutch is new (McLeod Single Disc, aproximately 200 miles on it). The original engine was replaced with an LT1 383, which has about 400 miles on it. The original block is available if desired, though it may require sleeving in 1 cylinder.

The engine is based on a 1994 block, which was bored .030 and line honed, and equipped with an Eagle steel crank, Scat I-beam rods,and Wiseco Forged Flat Top Pro True pistons.The main bolts were replaced with ARP main studs. The heads are Lingenfelter CNC ported, with 2.00/1.56 stainless valves, ARP screw in studs and guideplates, and Comp 986 valve springs. The heads were on the car when I purchased it, but were freshened when the 383 was built. The heads were installed with ARP head studs. All machine work, other than what was originally done by Lingenfelter, was done by Chastain Engines in Jonesboro, GA. The cam is a Gallant Technical Performance GTP 6, with approximately .568/.592 lift, 236/242 duration, with the 1.6 ratio Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers. The stock single roller timing chain was replaced with a Comp Cams double roller setup.The intake was ported by Lingenfelter also, and will accept up to a 58mm throttle body, The current throttle body is stock. The Optispark has low miles (maybe 10k), and works well. The starter was replaced with a Summit Racing ministarter when the engine was built, to help with the higher compression. The compression is 12.3:1, but will run fine on pump gas with the cam overlap. The water pump housing is stock, but has a Mezierre electric drive unit installed. I have found it to be far more reliable than the stock units (a failed stocker resulted in this engine build). I also put in a BeCool aluminum radiator, with modifed stock fans (for clearance), and the temp gauge rarely goes over 190 degrees, even in Atlanta traffic. The alternator has been rebuilt as well (by an alternator shop, not a junk parts store rebuild). I installed a Canton Road Race oil pan, and Lokar flexible dipstick.All gaskets are Fel Pro, or GM. For appearance, I ground the intake casting smooth, along with the water pump housing, and also took off most of the casting marks on the block. All of it was primed and painted with Spies-Hecker GM Pewter Metallic base/clear. The valve covers were also painted the same color. The PCM is a 1994 OBD1 unit, with programming by Brad Brand of Atlanta Chassis Dyno. The engine compartment was repainted with black basecoat while the engine was out, and it looks much better than original, though it still has a stock flavor. I did not clearcoat it, to give more of a factory appearance.

The original manifolds were replaced with 1 3/4 Random Technology 94/95 style headers, with their dual cat y-pipe. The headers are ceramic coated, but they are 9 years old so there is some minor surface rust in places. They are very solid, however. The AIR pipes have been plugged, and the AIR pump removed. The cats have taken some speed bump damage over the years, and were "self-gutted". Needless to say, the car will not pass emissions in its current configuration. The rest of the exhaust system is a Hooker Cat Back, with the AeroChamber muffler and dual/dual chrome tips. This system sounds pretty mellow, even with the current engine, and the muffler is easily unbolted from the 3-bolt flange if you want it loud!

The suspension is mostly stock, with only a set of LG Motorsports subframe connectors (welded in by the prvious owner when the car was new, so no body squeaks like some t-top cars), the aforementioned Eibach Pro-Kit springs, and a GM 25mm rear sway bar with Energy Suspension urethane bushings and end links. The underbody mid brace has been replaced with the x-brace from a convertible for extra ridgidity (by the previous owner). The torque arm bushing is also urethane, probably Energy Suspension also.

The interior is completely stock, except for an Autometer Pillar Pod with an Ultralight (silver faced) water temperature gauge. I did this because I did not trust the factory gauge, but it could be easily returned to stock if you wish. The only other change is the MBA Products Black Billet Aluminum SS shift knob. The seats are in good condition, with a little wear on the driver's side bolster. The carpet is also in good condition, as are the SS mats. There are minor scratches in some of the rear interior plastic, down in the t-top well.

The body is completely stock, and in very good condition for a 12 year old, unrestored car. There are a few minor hail dents in the top of the passenger side quarter panel, a scratch in the driver's side rear bumper cover just ahead of the marker light, and a small dent in the bottom of the rocker on the passenger side.The paint is in overall good condition, for factory paint. The only other issue I can think of is the gas gauge does not work.

Overall, this is a very nice, very fast car that still gets lots of attention every time I take it out. It is not a show car, but it is far nicer than most early 4th gens you will see these days. The hard stuff is already done, and a few easy bolt ons could optimize this car for pretty much anything you want to do with it. I don't think you will find a nicer early 4th gen SS for the money. The motor alone would take over $5,000 to duplicate. This car has been a big part of my life for 9 years, and was featured on the cover of the Year One/Next Generation catalog several years ago. It has also been in GM High Tech Performance a couple of times, in the 2001 coverage of the GMHTP EFI Nats in Bristol. I hope the winner enjoys this car as much as I have.

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