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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 1998
Number Unknown
Model Camaro SS
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Camaro SS Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2008.11.3 Ebay

Lexington, KY, United States

Car is a 1998 Hardtop Camaro SS (Black). Body currently has 67,498 (as of 10/10/2008) miles on it and the motor (LS2 403) has 800 miles since the build. This is not my daily driver and stays parked in my garage.

Performance Engineering Aluminum LS2 403 (4.000 stroke/4.005 bore)
Eagle 4.000 crank
Eagle 6.125 Rods
Manley Pistons (-14cc, 4.005)
Clevite 77 Rod Bearings
Clevite 77 Main Bearings
Chromoly 7.400 Pushrods
Stock GM Lifters
PRC LS6 stage 2.5 heads, 59cc, with 2.04/1.57 valves, PRC Springs
1.8 Harland Sharp Roller Rockers
SDPC Crane Cam 250/256 .580 .580 108lsa (actual lift is .614 .614 with the 1.8 HS Rockers)
42lb Green Top Injectors
FAST 90mm Intake
Nick Williams 90mm Throttle Body
SLP 90mm MAF
LS6 Ported Oil Pump
LS2 Timing Chain
ARP Head Studs
ARP Crank Bolt
Powerbond Pulley
LS1 Motorsports Lid (Black)
K&N Air Filter
Thunder Racing Catch Can
NGK TR55ís
Taylor 10.5mm Thunderbolt plug wires
Thunder Racing Coil Relocation Brackets
Poly Motor Mounts
Metco Valve Cover Breather
Compression: ~10.6:1

TH350 Transmission - built with racing clutches (~6,200 miles since rebuild)
TCI 3800 stall
Deep Transmission Pan
Transmission Cooler
Lokar dipstick
Performance Shift Kit
Hurst Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick Shifter
1998 LS1 Flexplate

Hooker 1 7/8 headers
3 inch y-pipe
Dual Cutouts
Flowmaster Cat-back

BMR weld-in Sub-frame Connectors (Red)
BMR Lower Control Arms (Red)
Eibach Lowering Springs

Stock GM 3.42ís

Thunder Racing Coil Relocation Brackets
Silver Trim (A/C vents, door handles, etc.)
Halo Headlights
Clear Cornerís
Stock Brake Caliperís (painted Red)
Red Camaro Insert

Chrome 17x9 ZR1's - These wheels aren't in the best of shape. They aren't bent, but each does have rust spots. They actually clean-up decent.
Rear Tires: Riken Raptor's (good amount of tread left)
Front Tires: Fuzion ZR1's (good amount of tread left)

The motor was built by Matt Hornbuckle of Performance Engineering in Ashland, KY. If needed, their telephone number is (606) 329-8411. The engine was installed by Phillip Smith of Ashland, KY. He also tuned the car with HP Tuners. I have included a copy of the tune by him for anyone who is interested. Phillip is one of the top installers/tuners in this part of the country.

Since the build, the motor has 800 miles on it. For the break-in process, a thick oil was used (Super Tech) for the first 45 miles, with 6 cool downs and warm ups with medium driving. Once time was given for everything to settle, the oil was drained and Pennzoil 10w30 was put in. The car was then put on the dyno to be tuned. I ran that for the next 425 miles and then changed it once again with Pennzoil 10w30. The oil was extremely clean and clear.

The car made 465 RWHP and 430 RWTQ on a Superflow Dyno.

There is absolutely nothing mechanically wrong with this car and/or motor. Everything is in working order (including the speedometer b/c of the TH350!). The only thing that this car needs is a new windshield. It has 2 large cracks and I have just not had the time to get it replaced. Iíve been driving it around like that since Iíve owned it, as I only carry liability on this car.

Some of the car has been repainted. That includes the hood, front bumper, both front fenders, and the spoiler. Iíve put about 400 miles on the car since then. In this process, I also had the whole car buffed (wet sanded, etc.). There are a few spots where it was painted that need to be "sanded out" (Basically, they are runs). It can easily be done and it would look excellent, but I haven't had the time to take it back to where I had it painted. They are not visable in any pictures and are hard to see in-person. Other than those few spots, the new paint job is clean.

I just installed new front rotors as well as ceramic brake pads about 350 miles ago.

This car is extremely powerful and fun to drive. It rarely comes out of the garage. I've never had the car to the track, so I do not have any track times. I cannot express what a beast of a car this is. It would be easy to make this beast look pristine with a new set of wheels and by sanding out wha few "runs" their are in the paint.

Car will be sold as-is. Buyer/Winning Bidder agrees to make a deposit of $500.00 (non-refundable) within 72 hours of the winning bid. Remaining amount will be presented upon pick-up/delivery by the Buyer. Buyer will have 10 days to make arrangements with seller if picking the car up, unless other agreed upon arrangements have been made.

I may be willing to deliver this car as well. All expenses must be paid by the Buyer and will be decided/agreed upon before delivery. If this option is chosen, the full payment (vehicle + expenses) must be made before delivery.

Feel free to contact me at anytime.

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