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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 1997
Number Unknown
Model Camaro SS
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Camaro SS Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2008.08.5 Ebay

Howell, Michigan, United States

1997 Camaro 30th Anniversary SS

I am pleased to offer up for bidding this fantastic and near perfect example of a truly remarkable piece of General Motors history! Obviously if you are looking at this auction, you know what you are looking at and that there were only 75 auto hardtop super sports made out of 957! There is only a handful around with miles so low and did I mention that it is nearly flawless! I am the second owner of this Camaro and it was always stored indoors under a cover. It has never been in the rain or snow and should never be. The car is completely original and untouched with the exception of the battery. Carfax is perfect.

Please find the attached pictures and judge for your self the quality of this car. I have about 39 total pictures of the car and can only post 24 at one time. I will gladly send you the balance, if you send me your email address. I only ask that you are a serious buyer if you request additional pictures. You can find out more about these cars alomost anywhere on the net. The Camaro will come with the SS cover that does show some wear as it was used, all manuals, two sets of keys, and both SS key chains. Currently the mileage is roughly 11,165 original and may increase VERY SLIGHTLY if test driven, in the event of a local buyer or inspection service sent my way (NO JOY RIDES). The car will not be driven in nothing but the best weather and not far!

I have documentation that runs down the options and pricing from the dealer that ordered this camaro and it was the same dealer that SLP had on their order. It was build number 2,384 of the total Z4C 30th anniversary production (4,533). It was built and delivered in 4/97. I do not have the window sticker or the birth certificate as they had been lost by the previous owner. You can order a birth cerificate through SLP if you would like one.

The exterior and interior are both near factory flawless in condition as you should expect with a car of such low usage. The under side of the car is a nice and the exterior. The car really does not have a noteable stone chip in her at all. The only flaws to be found are a couple VERY VERY small stone indentions on the front bumper cover that can really only be noticed in the sun and a small scuff on the bottom of the hood towrds the nose. It is REALLY small and is REALLY hard to see. I suppose it would rub out, but I am not going to burn a hole through the paint for something so small and hardly worth mentioning! The drivers seat bolster only shows the SLIGHTEST wear on the bolster as a car with 11K would. I have pictures of the above mentioned items that I can send on request, but they are hard to even pick up with the camera. I am very fussy and anal about my cars and also beleive in being honest with a description! Everything works, no leaks, perfect glass, clean wheels, estimated 75% tire tread remaining on all four corners, and a pure joy to drive! No problem with winning a few trophies with this one. You will not be disappointed. It is priced fairly compared to others that are similar (only a few out there for sale), but remember you get what you pay for!

I have the title free and clear in my hand ready to go. Please be aware that the car will only be viewed by appointment and by qualified people. My time is as valuable as yours. Please have your funding or permission before you bid. This is an auction to be taken seriously. I WILL NOT disclose the reserve under any circumstances as I would like to keep it fair for all of the potential bidders. I do reserve the right to end the auction early, but only if my reserve has NOT been met. I do not want to trade for anything. I am just looking to sell. You can feel free to make an offer and I may just take it, but the car is not a $10,000 car. Please do not make offers to try and troll for my reserve. If I accept your offer and deposit, I will add a "buy it now" and we will follow the Ebay guidelines. If you would like to talk to me directly, feel free to call me at 734-776-XXXX. If you are a new Ebay member with a feedback of less than 5 or have ANY negative feedback, please contact me before bidding as I will remove your bid otherwise. Please bid with confidence as I have been a car enthusiast for many years. I am not a dealer, but I have sold many special interest and rare cars both on Ebay and other avenues. My interest is taking me to other places as of now!

I require a $2,000.00 deposit to be made within 24 hours from the end of auction in the form of certified funds or Paypal (please ad 3% to deposit to offset Paypal fees). The balance is to be paid in the form of certified funds within 7 days of end of auction. Please note that with the current fraud that is taking place in the automotive market, the certified funds will have to clear 5 to 7 days before the title or the car leave my home. There have been many bad checks written in the last year and I will not be part of that. I would also like the car to be picked up within two weeks after the end of auction. I have no problem drafting a bill of sale and also sending you a copy of the title along with my driverís license to make you comfortable with the deal. If you are a local buyer, cash at my bank will work!!!!! I do not send out any second chance offers, so if you get one, delete it.

I have been honest and truthful about the car, but with a purchase this large I would highly recommend that you or an agent representing you have a look at the car to verify my description and to make sure this is what you want to own. There is no warranty expressed or implied because of it's age, so the Camaro will be sold "As is". Lastly if the car is to be shipped to your destination, it should go enclosed too avoid any damage. I have heard nothing good about hauling expensive cars on an open trailer. I have used Reliable Carriers (in my area weekly for GM Proving Grounds) and Fed Ex Custom Critical many times and they have been great! In fact, Fed Ex has a nice web sight that will provide you with an instant quote for vehicle shipping to your door. If you would like to have it hauled open carrer, I have use Mcnutt Transport a few times and they are great and have a user friendly website for instant quotes. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs.

Thanks for viewing my auction and have fun!!!! Bid to own it!!!

*Please note that I will be on vacation 8/08 (Friday) - 8/9 (Saturday).I will answer any and all questions on Sunday when I return

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Z4C Appearance Package, 30th Anniversary & 35th Anniversary (SS only)

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