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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 2001
Number 0501
Model Firehawk Trans Am
Body Type 2 Door Convertible
GM Build Date Unknown
Firehawk Trans Am Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2008.06.30 Ebay

Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States

Only 45 Firehawk convertible were built in 2001 and of these only 6 were Navy Blue Metallic. This is the only one of those built with both the Bilsetin Performance Suspension ($1099) and the Auburn High-Torque Differential ($899). Add the Chrome Wheel Package ($799) and the Firehawk Floor Mattes ($199) and this is the most highly option of the six. This car cost over $40,000 new. It has every GM option including Traction Control, ABS, Power Lumbar Seats, 6-disc CD changer and then the aforementioned best of the SLP options. Truly a RARE and unique car. I bought this car earlier this year with the intention of driving it alot and maybe hot-rodding (Dual-Turbo anyone ? especially with the automatic) and then restoring it in a few years after I collected all the best parts for it I could find. And the good thing all the hard to find Firehawk stuff is here and in GREAT shape. First all the good stuff. The car is in good condition and runs solid and drives true. The door panels don't have any cracks in them ( most all of these later F-bodies seem to ), one of the wheels has a1-inch spot of curb crunch - the rest are excellent. The leather seats are fine. The top is OK - I think it was stored top-down more than I would like, it has a small section thats a little dirty. There are no dents or dings. As I stated I bought this car earlier this year with the intention of driving it while tinkering. Now I'll tell you about the stuff that needs TLC - including what the guy I bought it from didn't tell me. The car was involved in an accident early in its life. CarFax says April 2005. It does have a CLEAR title so it must not have been too bad. The front bumper / fascia was replaced and possibly the drivers front fender. The car was repainted when repaired and given "ghost flames" on the hood, fenders and doors. They go from a sort of hazy white to a purple. VERY cool - if you like that sort of thing. My kids think its awesome, my wife thinks it looks like a toy - which it is. The drivers fender does have a couple of "bubbles" in the paint. Apparently the fender wasn't prepped correctly before they painted it. It can't be rust since the fenders are plastic. From the doors back the car is super straight. The rare Firehawk hood was either undamaged or replaced with a new one. Its perfect. The interior is in very good shape with no tears or cracks in the door panels. The dash is fine. The ABS inop light is on as is the TCS off light. I haven't had it on the diagnostic computer yet, but the bet is that its a dirty sensor or loose connector. Nobody seems to think its a big problem. My opinion is that these cars shouldn't have this stuff on them anyway. Everything seems to work, although the fan makes a loud "buzz". Maybe a closed vent. Hey - I'm trying to let you know everything. No leaks. No odd noises. Shifts solid. LOTS of power. Drives true. With the Bilstein it handles like a 335hp go-cart. With the rarity - only 74 Navy Blue Firehawk convertible built from '98 - '02 and 2001 being the lowest production year - I don't think anybody could go wrong at this price. And with only 6 built that year its sure to be a Barrett-Jackson car.

SLP Options
Auburn, High Torque, Performance Differential w/AAM cast aluminum cooling cover
Combination of leading edge Auburn Gear and American Axle Manufacturing technology enhances traction and helps reduce differential operating temperatures under certain driving conditions. System detects variance in the gripping force of each rear tire and redistributes the engine load as road conditions change, thereby enhancing vehicle performance and stability.
Chrome Wheels
17"x 9" Chrome-Plated, Five-Spoke Aluminum Wheels. SLP orignal offered chrome Speedline wheels as a option 1995, but never delivered any. SLP moved to American Racing Equipment rims in 1996 and started delivering the chrome option.
Firehawk Floor Mats
Heavy duty, custom-fitted carpeting with aggressive nubs to hold mats firmly in place. Premium quality, heavy duty, custom fitted front floor mats are embroidered with a black and red Firehawk logo.
Sport Suspension Package Level 2 (Bilstein)
Bilstein Shock Absorbers (all years)
Progressive Rate Springs
1LE track bar, 1LE Transmission Mount (1994-1995)

GM Options
RPO Description
WU6 Firehawk Option for 1999-2002
192 Black leather trim combination
19I Black Interior Trim
1AY Stock orders processing option
1SA Package option group - 1SA
28U Exterior color, Dark Navy Blue metallic
41T Convertible vinyl top color - black
6BT Component FRT LH Computer Sel Susp
7BT Component FRT RH Computer Sel Susp
8TJ Component RR LH Computer Sel Susp
9TJ Component RR RH Computer Sel Susp
A31 Power windows
A90 Remote control electric release rear compartment lid lock
AAA Standard Safety Features
AK5 Driver and passenger side inflatable restraint system (Air bags).
AQ9 Seat, Front Bucket, Siegler Style
AU0 Remote keyless entry system
AU3 Power door locks
BC/CC Base coat clear coat paint
C49 Rear window electric defogger
C60 Air conditioning, manual controls
CAE GM ST Therese to SLP LaSalle Quebec for Upfitter Conversion
DE4 Shunshade, Removable hatch roof
DG7 Right & left hand remote control electric outside mirrors
DL5 Decal roadside service
FE2 Touring Suspension system ride and handling
FE9 Federal emission certification
G80 Limited slip positraction rear axle
GU5 Rear axle gear ratio 3.23
IL1 Trim Interior Design
IL2 Trim, Interior Design
J65 Power front & rear disc brake system
K34 Automatic electronic cruise control with resume & accelerate
K43 Generator 102 amp
LS1 Engine gas, 8 cyl, 5.7L, SFI aluminum engine
M30 Automatic 4 speed transmission 4L60E electronic
MX0 4 Speed Automatic overdrive transmission
NC7 Emission System unleaded fuel (export). Also requires YF5 or NG1 (Calf or NE States)"Must be ordered for units shipped to dealers in Federal areas with California or NE States emissions"
NF7 Emission System Federal
NP5 Leather wrap steering wheel
NW9 Traction Control Electronic
PA6 Styled painted wheels
QLC P245/50ZR16 performance tires
R6J Customer Dialogue Network
R7X Security Package (Formula Coupe), std on Formula with 1SB, includes illuminated remote control entry system & alarm system.
R9P Option group discount
SLM Stock Orders
STE Ste. Therese, Quebec assembly plant
T78 Headlamps Control Delete
T82 Headlamps automatic on/off control
U1S Player multiple compact disc REMOTE CD CHANGER W/12 DISC MAGAZINE
U75 Power Antenna
UB3 Instrument cluster (Oil, Coolant temp, Voltmeter, Tach, Trip, ODO)
UK3 Steering wheel radio controls
V12 Power steering fluid cooling system
V73 Vehicle Certification US
VM3 Bumpers standard impact 5 MPH front & rear
W55 10 speaker, Monsoon CD (Entertainment system option E)
WS9 Model Conversion Pontiac Firebird Formula
Y82 Trans Am package (Coupe)
Y84 Trans Am Package (Convertible)
ZV1 Manufacturers Statement of Origin

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